2 months after my big ALDI debut, this is what I have to say now


Those of you that read my blog would know that a couple of months ago, I made my big Aldi debut and blogged it.

By the end of it I had to say that even though the savings were significant, I still wasn’t convinced. I found the experience, in a nutshell, weird, despite the fact I saved stacks.

Just through discussing it with peeps, tweeps or fam (how annoying I couldn’t find an “eep” word for Family) the common complaint about Aldi is “the range”.

“It just doesn’t have the range” or “they barely have any meat or veg” or “there is only one brand of sultanas!” are just a few of the complaints I have come across in my research.

Ahh, the range, yes.

Truth be told, the range at Aldi aint great. But rather than tell you about what Aldi doesn’t have, I am here to tell you about what it does have.

You see – after my debut at Aldi those few months ago, I became an unlikely convert. I saw an opportunity to visit the store on a weekly basis, if only to “peruse” at first.

And then I made my discoveries.

What is often missed in these “Aldi vs The Rest” discussions is the stuff you get at Aldi that you can’t anywhere else.

Items once you try, there is no better alternative – no matter how cleverly the big supermarket chains sell it to you.

So here goes – my reasons why you MUST shop at ALDI, rather than reasons you MUSN’T.

Sidenote: This cannot be ignored. There is still the eerie silence at all the ALDI stores I have shopped at. EERIE. As I have mentioned before, on numerous occasions, would putting a radio on kill your business ALDI? I get the electricity saving part, but when we already feel like we are in Sweden would it hurt to have a bit of commercial radio on to make us feel a bit less like weird-arse, bargain-rummaging tight-arses that can hear so much as every breath that everyone makes? Thanks for listening.

Why I continue to shop at ALDI


The 69c Sparkling water

Lets be real here – whether its called Deep Spring, Waterfords or even Perrier, when you feel like bubbled water, its not all that different right? Right. So who can say no to 69c Sparking water when it quenches thirst like no other?


The already grated parmesan that melts well

Ok now this is a biggie for me. I make a lot of pasta bakes. And Pasta bakes require cheese. And while pre-grated normal cheddar or mozzarella usually melts ok, parmesan is a tricky one. Parmesan dries out real quick which means that the fresh stuff will always melt the best.

I had tried them all at Woolies – from the most expensive to the cheapest (you never do know) to get that decent melt without resorting to grating the thing myself. And I got nowhere. Until THIS.

Now it’s still not perfect melting situation but its damn close. I love.


The hundreds and thousands cookie that just rips apart the big brand

Imitation biscuit I hear you say?

Not this one. Its better.

I grew up with hundreds and thousands cookies. They rocked my world like no other biscuit.

And these diamonds – which my kids call “cake biscuits” are just the shiz. THE SHIZ!


The 2-buck pack of anti-bacterial wipes that make cleaning a breeze

Ever since anti-bacterial wipes were invented I stocked up on every variety possible. Kitchen, bathroom, shower, oven, glass… you name it, I got it. Some were good and effective, others were meh.

But the general purpose ones have remained and I couldn’t imagine cleaning my kitchen bench without them. Now these ALDI babies are only 2 bucks as opposed to the $4 + you see in the big supermarkets. They are strong and moist enough and have a pleasant enough fragrance. Perfect to wipe up little kiddies messes off the floor.

Honourable mentions

- Most of the fruit and and veg are from Australia and this has encouraged me to purchase whatever looks fresh and in season. Plus – its way cheaper. The strawberries are ALWAYS $1.99 a punnet and this always puts a smile on my dial.

- Even though the meat “range” isn’t great, they always have free range chicken and good quality beef mince.

- The CHEESE. From GERMANY. Now lets talk RANGE. Woolies or Coles aint got nothin’ on Aldi in this department. Havarti, Gouda, Swiss, you name it, they got it. Reminds me of the amazeballs cheese I ate in Holland.

- The Greek Olives from GREECE in a 2KG glass jar. Mmm.

- The chocolate. Again, from our German friends.

- The 69c Canned Italian Tomatoes and Organic Tomato Paste. How can you go wrong?

So there you have it ALDI lovers (or not). I still struggle with the packing your own stuff part mostly because it adds another 15 minutes to my shopping experience but overall I am pretty happy with it (and of course with my discoveries)

Do you have any discoveries for me that I should try?

  • Mirk

    Toilet paper is awesome. $8 for 24 rolls 3ply, brand Confidence. Better than my favourite brand from Bigw.

    • http://mammasvidablog.wordpress.com Mamma’s Vida

      That’s the one I buy! How can I Hsve forgotten that one!

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