A beautiful man once said…


… that the only people that moved more than us were fugitives. He’s probably right.

And now, as we’re moving again, embarking on yet another journey – one I believe he mapped out for us – we are taking that beautiful man and everything he represents along for the ride.

The beautiful man is gone – in life as we know it – but he’s so much in our hearts and every little thing we do and say and see and know.

Isn’t that the beauty about love? It never leaves.

And today, I’m packing. And sorting. And taping. And the beautiful man hasn’t been on the phone asking what he could do to help us. Could he drive my car down? Could he come and help assemble furniture or do some heavy lifting?

It’s our first move without the beautiful man around. How very sad.

And the only thing that gets us by is knowing just how beautiful that man was. And how very lucky we were to have him.

  • Pinky Poinker

    Where are you moving to Kat? Down South I presume. I’m sad for you. I’m sure he’s watching over you all :)

    • http://www.mammasvida.com.au/ Kat Caravella – Mamma’s Vida

      Back to Newcastle, where we just came from…!
      But Cairns is now our home of the future. We just bought a house and were ready to settle, until, you know, life.
      And we WILL be having that FNQ wine one day together unless it’s at PRO BLOGGER! xx

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