A week of discovery


While the week is still young, the trivial discoveries I have made thus far have been priceless. And because I am such a sharer, I thought it would be kind to divulge. You’re welcome.

Bells on the Christmas Tree makes for a good… ALERT! ALERT!

So tis the season to be jolly. Fa-la-la-la-la-la-la-la. Did I get the amount of la’s right?

In my quest for a lovely Christmas this year I got my decorating on. It was the first time since Sienna, my biggest, was born that I decorated reluctantly. Could not be arsed this year.

And now I know why.

Oh Christmas Tree, Oh Christmas Tree, why must you torment me so very so?

The tree nearly fell over three times such was the excitement of my darlings at the pretty new glass decorations. I know, you are asking, why glass?

Why indeed. Shoot me.

But alas, the tree and the decs are still alive. Thanks to one particular decoration that seems to have a use other than looking pretty.

Ding ding ding chime the bells! The tree has been TOUCHED!

And from the laundry, whilst shoving in my umpteenth load for the week in the washer, I am able to yell out “Don’t touch the Christmas Tree!” And like that, its left alone.

Thank you, Bells.


The quest for new jeans

The last 5 years have seen me pregnant twice and so I have barely been at the same weight for more than a year in this time. And since jeans are the last thing I want to buy when I am feeling chubbola, I have only bought one pair since 2009.

Luckily for me, my obsession for jeans was so severe pre-babies that I still have quite a collection. Its a shame so few of them still fit me.

So there was one pair of jeans that I bought in 2003, yes 2003, that were just magnificent. They were a pair of Levis I bought from America, at the time when skinny jeans became fashionable, and they have been my staple since.

I shit you not I have been wearing this one pair since 2003. And as they got more and more faded by the year, the rest of my denim collection sat in my wardrobe looking pristine. And unworn. And soulless. And dusty. And daggy, no doubt.

Anyway, last week I noticed the seam on the inside of my thighs was splitting. Not a great place to have a “distressed” look going on, right? And so reluctantly, I decided it was probably over between us. It was a long and drawn out affair, and while we had a good run, I realised it was time they hit the bin. There were tears. It was the end of an era.


But it meant I needed to buy a new staple pair. And that meant jeans shopping, at 3kg more than my desired weight (I call it winter weight). But it had to be done. I needed those replacement jeans that would fit me well within flexibility of 3 kg to allow for the fluctuation that is the bane of my existence.

And so I thought BOYFRIEND JEANS! A highly distressed, still feminine pair of boyfriend jeans would be my new staple! All I would need to do is find the right cut.

Right cut, indeed.

Turns out there is no right cut of boyfriend jeans.

They are either too tight around the bum, but baggy around the knees, or baggy around the waist, and tight around the calves.

Do these manufacturers actually use real human people to try these jeans on?

Anyway, deflated after an unsuccessful round of jeans shopping, while putting clothes away I spotted a very worn looking pair of jeans on the bottom of my husbands jean pile. I instantly remembered where he bought them from and wondered when he last wore them. I held them out, noticed the lovely distressed, well worn knees and wondered if they could be my new “husband” jeans.

Check them out for yourself.


Aside from the fact that it is distressing that my husband’s jeans fit me well, I must say I was quite chuffed with the new/old addition to my wardrobe.

And that’s the beginning of my week!

Any discoveries you’d kindly like to share with moi?

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