Backing up your Mac or PC – the easy way!

Recently I wrote about the demise of my beloved MackBook pro here and it was, needless to say, a wretched start to the year.

After all, who wants to see the contents of their computer fade away into technology oblivion? Not I!

The biggest problem for me was the backing-up factor. How long was it since I backed up? Had I even taken out my portable hard drive since we moved houses in September? More importantly…. What did I lose?

It seemed the good people at Seagate, Tech 21 and Einsteinz Communications empathised in my gargantuan technology #fail and asked me to review a few items that could transform this blogger’s life – and I’m pleased to say the results were outstanding.


Tech 21 Impact Mesh cases for iPad

I was firstly sent 2 Mesh iPad cases – one for each of my girls – to try out. I was immediately interested in reviewing these products because we all know what damage kids can do to expensive gadgets.

At first glance, these cases are easy on the eye. They come in fantastic colours (I chose see-through Pink and Clear) and they have a sleek look about them. But its what they’re made of that makes them really interesting.

Admittedly, I’ve been a sucker for fancy cases that look great but don’t do much protecting. Which basically means I might as well have my phone naked. Two iPhone and Three iPad screen replacements have taught me an expensive lesson in investing in decent casing.

That’s what separates tech21 from its competitors – they look great plus they have that fancy tech – or “impactology” as they call it – to fight careless iPad dropping and flinging about. They are integrated with D30 impact material that absorbs and dissipates shock away from your device when dropped.

What I love about these mesh cases is they are compatible with the latest design of the Apple Smart Cover – a feature not as fabulous if you don’t have one, or an earlier model. Otherwise, there are Impact shields available to protect your screen to match the mesh backing – making your iPad a force to be reckoned with.

These cases are a hit for me because of the technology that goes into protecting our iGadgets or even those without an “i” – they also make cases and shields for Samsung models. And the fact that the Apple store carries them is an endorsement in itself (also available in Vodafone and Harvey Norman stores)

Overall, for something that looks smart – as well as something that will actually work, Tech21 have some pretty special cases on offer.


Seagate Backup Plus – Portable Drive 500GB

It was a tumultuous time in my life – seeing my MacBook Pro shrivel up and die – but I got through it. And by “got through it” I mean I bought a new one. *sigh*

But this time I wouldn’t be silly enough to let all of my precious GB go unsaved – I planned to get hold of a hard drive tailor made for the most disorganised (me). That’s when this little gem popped into my lap.

A handy size, this back-up drive is tiny enough to go everywhere with you. It works with both PC and MAC and so you can backup and take it anywhere for your anytime use. It can sit in your USB and go pretty much unnoticed – I use it with Time Machine on my MAC and back up every day.

For the social media savvy – you can protect your whole digital life on a regular back-up plan using the “Protect” feature. Basically this just means you can schedule a back up directly from your Facebook or Flickr and it will automatically save to your hard drive. It also makes sharing a whole lot easier: Simply by using the “Share” feature in your Seagate dashboard, you can upload photos or media directly from your backup to your social media all at once without creating an album.

Admittedly, the social media feature of the hard drive is a little wasted with me – the only social media profile I have is Twitter and also a Facebook page (not a profile) but for those that live and breathe Social Media (and there are many) this Back Up drive is for you.

It also backs up super fast which is an added bonus.

So fingers crossed…

There aren’t any more iPad breakages or MacBook content disappearing acts. I reckon my iGadgets are in safe hands.

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