Can a foodie love convenient food?

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*This post is a collaboration with Continental*

I am an accidental foodie.

I completely and totally adore food. I love to try all kinds of cuisines and am always stupendously happy to spend a pretty penny on delectable degustations. (Having said that, I get seriously irritated if pretty pennies have been spent on disappointing meals – in fact, I will be horrified for days on end. Days).

I love to cook food in pans and roasters and trays that I have carefully selected. I love to try all the salts (Pink Himalayan, Blue Persian and all the other salts that I suspect taste the same), all the oils (from boutique olive groves in fabulous wine regions), all the cheeses (the stinkier and mouldier the better) and of course, all the wine (because what foodie doesn’t heart wine?)

The accidental part of it came about at birth – when I was born the daughter of a wine merchant.

Side note: my family doesn't look like this

Side note: my family doesn’t look like this

Despite the fact that my Dad did it pretty tough trying to build his business for many years, some pretty excellent perks naturally came with supplying wine to restaurants all over Sydney… The age-old business of contra. A bit of wine supply, for a lovely lunch on the harbour was stock standard for a humble family in the biz of vino.

In fact, going out to restaurants was actually business for my Dad. It was networking; it was supporting his client; it was talking wine lists and food matching; it was showing off his family (which my Dad still does, despite the fact my sister and I are old farts now. I wouldn’t be surprised if he still pulled out kindergarden photos of us).

So this dining-out caper meant that from a young, really young age, I knew good food. And over the years my palate evolved to admittedly one of a pretentious foodie – to the point where sometimes, I even scoff at myself. *rolls eyes*

This is probably also why I put myself on a diet every 6 months.

Because excessive blue cheese – although I’m told it’s rich in antibacterial properties – is not the friend of your waistline.

Now, having said all of this, I want to discuss the place of convenient food in the life of a foodie.

Is it even possible?

YES. Unless, of course, you ask Gwyneth Paltrow.

Even though I mostly cook everything from scratch, there are some things that you can’t justify the constant stove slave for. And as much of a foodie as I have just proclaimed I am, there is nothing wrong with a little cheating along the way. As long as it does the trick.



When my sister used to play the saxophone, my Mum and I would drop her off at lessons and go off to the local homemaker centre, where Freedom Furniture would have a coffee/hot chocolate/chicken soup machine. I would so look forward to my little cup of soup every week that when my sister chucked a sickie on the day of her class it would devastate me greatly. Because SOUP.

Cup-A-Soups have always been my go-to hunger buster. If I’ve had a sandwich and I’m still hungry, I boil the kettle and it completely hits the spot. Plus it’s perfect when I’m trying to avoid snacking on evil blue cheese.

Frozen Veggies

When I do my weekly shop, I always include fresh and frozen veggies – the fresh, I obviously use first, and the frozen, I use at the tail end of the week. Broccoli and Peas are my fave – easily added to a pasta, oven bake or frittata. We have veggies every night of the week, so I always have a bag or two handy in my freezer.

Stock cubes

Yes, real stock is amazing, but who has the time to make stock from scratch every time? I use stock cubes for so many things… Soups, pastas, pies (I even put a cube in my Bolognese if I’m not feeling the tomatoes that day… It adds so much flavour). And while I prefer to use liquid stock when it’s the main base (like chicken soup, which I mix with real chicken broth) stock cubes are always handy to have in the pantry if only for last minute use.

Brands like Continental have been around forever and ever (50+ years!) and have mastered the art of making food easy for busy people (foodies included). They are the brand I trust for my go-to Cup-A-Soup (try the Asian Laksa… yum) and their stock cubes are always in my pantry for that instant flavour injection.

So what do you think… Do you reckon foodies can love convenient food? 

All comments read, appreciated and responded to. So thank you x
  • Ms_MotorbikeNut

    Yes we can I’m a foodie like you from way back thanks to my Nana but sometimes convenient food makes my time with my family all that more precious

    (((( Hugs )))) XXXX Kisses XXXX

    • Kat Caravella – Mamma’s Vida

      That’s such a great point… Less cooking, more quality time xx

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