De-crazying the crazy

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I am a huge advocate for holidays. And I know that there probably isn’t a person in this world that doesn’t love a holiday but where does it sit on your list of priorities?

Now when I say holiday I’m not talking swish and swanky; I’m not talking a costly affair that will set you back a fortune; I’m not even talking a plane trip. I’m simply talking a break from the world. A break from your usual life. A break from what usually makes up your day to day.

A break.

For as long as my husband and I have been together – now 12 years – we have gone on a holiday each year. Some holidays (pre-kids) were a bit fancy; others had a tight budget in mind. But we would always find time to get away from the world and just de-craze the crazy year that had been.

The last two years for us have been especially crazy. And sad and all the emotions because life is like that sometimes.

So a holiday was booked and we spent 10 glorious days away from the world.

We went to Fiji and while the weather was shit, the cocktails far too sweet, it cost more than we anticipated and let’s face it – a holiday with little kids under 5 isn’t a proper holiday because water, our little family was together.


Together. Away from the world.

Away from the washing, cooking, phone calls, bills, cleaning, grooming and cold.

How good is it to be away from the cold?

But most importantly, we created memories. For us, but especially our children. We took photos, we let the girls eat pancakes for every breakfast. They swam each day from morning till early evening, with a break after lunch at the playground or collecting shells from the beach.

They had an absolute ball.

De-crazying the crazy: Achievement unlocked.

Now we’re ready to face the world. For at least another twelve months.

How often do you take a break from the real world?

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