Dear Booers


Dear Booers,

As I write this, I know I am not writing to a reasonable bunch of individuals. I am not writing to people with any concept of rational thinking or any understanding of sportsmanship. I am not writing to those who feel remorse for their poor actions – if they can even acknowledge their bad behaviour in the first place.

I am writing to the entitled “fan” – as they like to call themselves – those that think because they have paid for a ticket they are entitled to ridicule, abuse or boo a professional sportsperson if they perform in a way not up to their standards.

I’m talking to you, Booer.

When Nadal was booed while receiving treatment at the Australian Open Grand Final I was appalled. Appalled. Not only is he a great athlete, an accomplished sportsman and current no. 1 in the world – he is a humble and gracious champion. He hasn’t gotten to where he is in tennis – a solo sport – because of deceptive physio sessions and for him to be booed off the court is nothing short of disgraceful.

But I am not here to sell you Rafael Nadal. I am here to talk to you about your booing, punks.

With my husband being a sportsman, I’ve seen a bit of booing in my time. Heaps. Booing, abuse, threats, you name it. Its part of the parcel of competitive sport I guess but it doesn’t make it any less atrocious.

One thing I have never understood is fans booing their own team and own players mid-game.

What, is this supposed to be productive? Do you think by booing your team or players they are going to score 3 goals out of… encouragement?

Er, no.

I recently witnessed a young player in a football team receiving a round of applause for being substituted – and it wasn’t in a good way. Such was the vitriol coming out of your booing compatriots I am almost certain his confidence had plummeted off the charts.

It was awful.

Booers, I ask you to think twice before you boo. With Nadal as an example, give the boo-ee at least respect enough to find out the facts before you boo. Don’t boo your team – if  you want them to win, encourage them – be the extra man on the field. Don’t boo your own players – they need you to cheer for them – they need you to pick them up. They already have the fans of the opposition booing them – do they need you to do it as well?


A Concerned Member of the Anti-Booing Committee of Australian Sports

  • Lee-Anne

    I completely agree…it’s horrible. For some reason professional sports, or even sports as in a friendly soccer or netball game, often bring out the worse in spectators (parents and supporters included). And it’s not just confined to players either. My husband was a professional soccer referee and experienced loads of ref-bashing…

    Great piece, hope a few ‘booer’ fans listen up!

    • Mamma’s Vida

      Yes! Referees cop it just as bad – sometimes worse. We’ll never be rid of the booers I’m afraid, but it’s nice to call them out on it occasionally!

  • Ms_MotorbikeNut

    Only recently (last week or the week before) a AFL umpire got booed by some fans of one of the teams watching the game when a Sydney Swan crushed into the umpire and the umpire was knocked out for a few seconds then started vomiting on the field before be carried off.

    (((( Hugs )))) XXXX Kisses XXXX

    • Kat Caravella – Mamma’s Vida

      !!! Bloody booers! xx

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