Ditch the bomb


*This post is a collaboration with Westralian Auto Finance*

When I was at Uni, I had a friend that drove an absolute bomb of a vehicle. A. Bomb.

Don’t get me wrong, I have nothing against bombs that actually work. You know, bombs that might make funny noises, perhaps take some time to actually start, but ultimately get you from A to B.

The A to B car was very common at Uni.

But, my friend. Her car was so bad that A and B didn’t meet all that often. The damn bomb broke down so regularly that I just did not understand why she persisted with it. Either she had a serious crush on the NRMA roadside assistance guy or she just couldn’t ditch it. #weirdo

And while I didn’t think much about it back then (because teenager and care factor zero) I am completely confuzzled at how in the world that car was even registered.  #ProbablyUnregistered

I mean. Surely even hitching a ride would be a more reliable option when trying to get to a University lecture you paid a gazillion dollars in HECS for? #Kidding #DontHitch

If I’m honest, my choice of transport wasn’t much better. To avoid poor university attendance caused by car breakdowns (although university attendance wasn’t my forte anyway) I combined some savings and a small loan to buy myself a Holden Barina. A manual one. That I didn’t know how to drive (because teenager and care factor zero). #CheaperOption

So while my friend was breaking down all over Sydney, I was doing accidental burnouts and hopping like a frog on a journey that took over an hour each day.

You see, while we studied in Macquarie (North of Sydney), we both lived in Cronulla, a suburb in a region called ‘The Shire’ – a beautiful place far, far away from the rest of the world. And while nowadays I love my hometown, as an 18-year-old party animal, I thought it was the work of Satan. Because all the cool bars and clubs were in the city and I was all the way in Cronulla.

I eventually learned to drive manual. And my friend’s car eventually died. Which is when she followed my lead, got a small loan on a good interest rate and bought herself a decent car. An A to B car that worked.

Here’s the thing. When you live far away from where you study or work and the public transport getting you there aint that flash, a car is almost a necessity. If I didn’t have my little Barina at Uni, it would have taken me 3 hours on public transport to get there. Not only would it have been an absolute waste of time but the thought of finishing a tutorial in the dark of night only to have to catch 2 buses and 2 trains home terrified me. #ScaredyKat #Literally

So if you are like my friend breaking down all over town, I urge you to ditch the bomb! Either catch public transport if you feel safe doing it or find yourself a decent car that will actually get you from A to B and won’t cost you a fortune.

I don’t regret getting a car loan for my little Barina – not only did it give me the independence I craved, but I trusted it to get me places. I was able to make payments with my part-time income and I borrowed a small enough amount so I could pay it off comfortably and without stress. And whenever I had an extra bit of money I popped it on the loan to pay it off faster. #LessInterest

Check out Westralian Auto Finance, not only do they have access to lots of specialist lenders but you can get yourself quick pre-appoval online. Plus they even have a car locator feature on their site. #OneStopShop

So tell me, what type of wheels did you cruise around in? Did you drive a bomb and did it… work? 

All comments read, appreciated and responded to. So thank you x
  • http://www.pinkypoinker.com.au Pinky Poinker

    My kids are all driving bombs, bar one who used to drive a bomb until he graduated and got a job. By the way did I tell you I tagged you in my post yesterday?

    • http://www.mammasvida.com.au/ Kat Caravella – Mamma’s Vida

      Bombs are totally the thing for kids (unless they break down all the time)!
      You didn’t tell me but I saw it anyway! I will totally follow your lead and thank you for the mention (I blushed) xx

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