Five things I want to do in five years


I believe there is a special little compartment in our brains that is designed to store hopes and dreams. Now, I don’t mean those of the sentimental kind (because hopes and dreams in itself sounds very serious, and I think there is a separate compartment dedicated to those kinds), but rather those of the more trivial and superficial nature. Some might be able to be achieved quite easily if you put your mind to it, and others might require a bank robbery of some description because expensive. 

So yesterday, the Tony awards were aired and it made me think of one of my favourite (and unfathomably cancelled) show’s ever – Smash. Which brings me to thing I want to do, numero uno.


Broadway, baby

I heart live productions so much. The glitz, the glamour, the music I wouldn’t ordinarily listen to, the talent, the costumes, the drama… I just love it all.

Unfortunately, the closest I’ve come to Broadway is Disney on Ice with my littlies (which admittedly I enjoyed thoroughly because Disney) but one day I will get there, baby! #NYWhereDreamsAreMadeOf #OrSoAliciaKeysSaid

homemade pasta-thumb-420x324-92355

Make homemade bread and pasta

It comes as a shock to many that given how much I love to cook (and eat) I have never made my own pasta. Ever. I don’t know why that is (actually I do and it has something to do with laziness) but I guess since there is so much fantastic fresh pasta available (or even dried) I just haven’t really bothered.

But once in a while, while dining out, I might order the ‘fresh tagliatelle’ and my heart will skip a beat and I think to myself: far out Kat you are such a lazy cow. Just get your flour on and knead that dough girlfriend.

The same applies to bread. Just the other day we went to a restaurant that served the most amazing freshly baked bread with the most amazing homemade chilli oil. #CarbsRule


Visit Sur Lounge and Villa Blanca in Lalaland

This one is for my fellow Real Housewives obsessionistas – I mean, who doesn’t want to visit the fabulous Lisa Vanderpump’s restaurants if only for the cocktails and decor eye-candy (and a chance to spot LVP herself?)

I *might* even nick a wine glass/napkin ring/candle. Shhhhh. #WheresMySurMojito


Take my girls to Disneyland

Our last (and only) trip to the US of A was in 2011and my little Sienna was 20 months old. Her obsession with Tinkerbell had just begun, so of course, we went to Disneyland for us her.

These days, Sienna is 4 and her little sister Vida, is 2. Both go crazy over anything Disney (Fairies, Princesses, Mickey and Minnie etc etc) and my favourite thing is to see them look at each other and squeal with delight at the sight of something that mutually rocks their world.

To see them hold hands while walking through Disneyland together with eyes wide open and smiles full of joy will be the most incredible moment for me. #LooksAtFlightsAndSavesPennies


Really, and actually, stick to an exercise regime longer than 8 days

I am Queen of Talking Smack when it comes to exercise. Tomorrow I will start my diet and tomorrow I will run my backside into little and perky have both been regular conversation points between my husband and I over the last 11 years. He has learnt to roll his eyes and I have learnt to mumble these words under my breath because I know it will be yet another promise to myself that I will break.

But one day, yes one day, within the next five years, I will do it. #PraysToTheExerciseGods

So now it’s YOUR turn! What are five things YOU want to do in five years?

All comments read, appreciated and responded to. So thank you x
  • Ms_MotorbikeNut

    Got some like you 1) I want to go on another cruise with hubby, 2) I keep promising myself that I’ll lose the weight my medication has put on me (but never do) 3) That one day I will get the house nice & tidy & that it will sort of be like a lived in home without the mess 4) This one is for hubby I want to give him a motorbike 5) That I’ll live to an old age if my medical condition allows me.

    (((( Hugs )))) XXXX Kisses XXXX

    • Kat Caravella – Mamma’s Vida

      Ms Motorbike Nut – I LOVE your list – but I’m hoping you are feeling fine with your medical condition and who cares about the weight gain if you have your health! xx

  • Lee-Anne Walker

    A varied and quite virtuous list, Kat! One on mine is to make a 19th century tour of England, taking in my favourite authors’ birth places and points of interest…

    As one who has made pasta – it’s delicious but SO labour-intensive, my pasta machine is languishing in a distant cupboard from lack of use. And bread, does a bread-maker count or do you mean from scratch? (home-baked bread does compliment home-made soup) :)

    • Kat Caravella – Mamma’s Vida

      My lists are always varied Lee-Anne, if I am anything it’s completely inconsistent! I love your tour of England idea, sounds lovely! As for the fresh pasta… I actually have a Cavatelli machine in my cupboard, hasn’t been opened EVER – it was an impulsive purchase after eating fresh cavatelli at a food show. #dusty.
      And fresh bread… I think a bread maker is totally included! I think anything you do yourself is pretty excellent and will turn out delish xx

      • Lee-Anne Walker

        I actually went to a pasta-making course (listening Pinky?) in Annandale a few years ago and bought the machine there. (But I do recall that in our the teacher was very cross with me as my dough was the only lumpy one.)

        Dust off yours Kat, it’s worth it just to make/taste it once! xx

        • Kat Caravella – Mamma’s Vida

          Loving the banter on here girls. I will get there one day Lee-Anne and will be sure to dedicate a WHOLE POST on it to either brag/whinge about it xx

    • Pinky Poinker

      I wouldn’t believe her if I were you Kat. I bet she’s never made pasta. She’s very imaginative that Le-Anne.

      • Lee-Anne Walker

        Hahaha! Bad Pinks…an imagination and pasta-making are not mutually exclusive! ;)

      • Kat Caravella – Mamma’s Vida


  • Pinky Poinker

    Well Kat, I have seen Les Mis on Broadway (back in 1988) and it was amazing. I took all five kids to Disneyland in France and I have made my own gnocchi with the help of my ex-husband’s Italian aunt. The other things I haven’t done… especially the exercise. BUT I told hubby to set the alarm for 5:00am tomorrow and I’m hoping to actually get up this time and DO IT!

    • Kat Caravella – Mamma’s Vida

      Oh wow – those experiences sound terrific! But I’m glad there’s at least someone else that completely lacks motivation to exercise (although I suspect there’s a few of us!) PS – Did you wake up at 5AM today?!!!

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