FNQ foodie review: El Grekos Greek Taverna in Palm Cove


Look. I’ll be honest. Having a Greek background can mean I’m a pretty harsh critic when it comes to Greek food. And wow I’ve had some bad stuff.

Take the restaurants in Holland (the country) posing as Greek themed for example. No. Just No. Just because your restaurant tables are covered in blue and white tablecloths, pictures of the Acropolis are hung up on white painted walls and you have Greek sounding items on the menu, it doesn’t mean you actually serve Greek food (I am obviously still quite sore about this because our experiences were so bad. When you are a Greek Aussie living in Holland and you are desperate for something your Yiayia makes then stringy re-heated lamb that causes toothache just will not do. Ever. It scarred me. Traumatised me. But the best (or worst) thing about it is that these impostors places were always PACKED. Full with people positively wasting their money and seemingly… enjoying the food. Maybe I’m a Greek food snob. I don’t care. Whatevs)

Side note: If you know how to do Greek food, go to Holland. You’ll make a motza. But actually, maybe since 2008 things have changed and there’s good Greek in the hood. Maybe. Or maybe not.

Sorry about the Holland tangent. But to be fair they had a great Yeeros place in Utrecht. Ah-Maaay-zing.

Anyway. El Greko. Palm Cove.

Just so you know, we know the owners of this lovely joint. They are good friends of ours. But that’s not why I write this, because good friends or not, I would not ever champion crap Greek food. How embarrassment.

I write this because unlike Greek restaurants in Holland, these people serve magnificent Greek food. MAGNIFICENT. Maybe because the owners are actually Greek (it makes a difference). And maybe because they’re from Melbourne. Either way, the food is stupendous.

If you are reading this (which you obviously are. Derrr), Palm Cove in tropical Far North Queensland might be a little far from you to become a local at this delightful spot. But surely you will visit the great region one day. I mean. Who doesn’t want to skip a little bit of winter down south so you can head up north for some sunshine?

Side note number 2: Bias aside, Cairns and FNQ is a must visit. For couples. For families. For anyone. Get your arse there.

Back to the food.

Wow. Let’s insert some pictures, shall we?


Freshly baked bread and Greek Wine


The freshly baked bread again in all its glory accompanied by amazing dips, with the taramasalata and tzaziki being standouts (cue my girls shouting I WANT MORE PINK DIP! MORE PINK DIP!)


Now THIS is a Greek salad. Fresh ingredients chopped up largely with hunks of Greek fetta, topped with a lemony, olive oil dressing. The ONLY way to do Greek salads


The kids meal. They usually come with thick fries but I asked for veg for fear of my kids turning into ACTUAL FRIES because of how many they consumed that holiday. The lamb skewers are tasty and tender and the veg is roasted and amazing. SO GOOD.


The meat main. Um can you just LOOK at this photo? Highlight here is the biftekia, meatballs stuffed with herbs, fetta and chilli. You just DON’T UNDERSTAND the deliciousness here


One of my FOUR cocktails


Fresh local mussels with a tomato based, chilli and fetta sauce, served with fresh bread. OMG


One of my faves. Local, tender Octopus with a gorgeous lemon olive oil dressing. Okay so now I’m hungry writing this post


Saganaki. Cooked and dressed perfectly

Me after my FOURTH cocktail

Me and my frizzy, humidity affected hair after my FOURTH cocktail #drunk


So are you convinced yet?

Next time you travel to FNQ, or if you are a local, El Greko is a must visit. Foodies will love it. Locals will become regulars after the first time. Travellers will leave thinking they were on a Greek Island.

And Natasha and Jim will look after you. They are passionate about what they do, and it shines through.

Side note number 3: They also do magnificent desserts but we were so full on this night that we physically could not fit anything else in (which is a great shame because we usually save a tiny space). BUT, Nat makes her own delicious ice creams (including halva and chocolate OH-EM-GEE) and the loukomathes (little greek donuts in honey) are to-die-for. And in addition to the desserts, they have a superb wine list. Order yourself a glass of Stonefish! *could be a shameless wine plug*

Now. What are you waiting for?

Have you been to El Greko Taverna in Palm Cove? Do you love Greek food? Do you have a favourite Greek restaurant?

All comments read, appreciated and responded to. So thank you x
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