Fuzzballs have it tough, I tell ya

Fiji hair braids. To contain the fuzz on a holiday  that involved WATER

Fiji hair braids. To contain the fuzz on a holiday that involved WATER


* This post is a collaboration with Dove Australia *

Those that know me, know I’m a complete fuzzball.

Daughter of a man that had a fro, it was inevitable I would be a fuzzball.

Being a fuzzball has always been the bane of my existence. From the moment I started dressing and styling myself, my whole ‘look’ would be about my hair. As in, how would I contain the mane?

Alongside my sometimes debilitating hay-fever, my epic fuzzball-ness was even something that popped into my paranoid pregnancy brain when I was close to being due to give birth.

What if I pass down the hay-fever that causes me to spend at least three quarters of my life with a blocked nose?

And more frighteningly:

What if my child has MY HAIR! It will be ALL MY FAULT!

Of course, my hair is not always fuzzy. Occasionally I get a nice blow-dry and after most home washes I pop the wretched hairs that make me go wild in rollers to calm them the hell down.

Any fuzzball will tell you that the ultimate key to de-frizz is product. It doesn’t have to cost you a weeks rent. It doesn’t have to be salon only. It doesn’t have to be organic and fancy shmancy with ‘Eco’ packaging full of promises to make your hair sing and shine and dance and bounce and complete magic tricks.

It just has to be the right product for you.

So after all these years of life as a fuzzball, I’ve finally worked out what type of products work for me and when to use them. Dove Australia has a great range of products to suit all hair types, and these are a few that might just perfectly de-fuzz the ball.



There’s nothing like a bit of shiney-shine for your little frizzies. Use it after a blow dry and in the days after a blow dry until your next wash (make sure you use a shower cap when you shower otherwise fuzzball comes back to town)

Or use it just after a wash before you use a styling product. This oil will be like a pre-emptive fuzz-strike.



When fuzzballs see the words ‘moisture’ and ‘intensive’ in shampoos and conditioners, well, let’s just say it tickles us pink. This shampoo is full of all the stuff that makes damaged hair full of life again and for both fuzzballs and veteran users of hair bleach (like moi) that’s exactly what we need.



Who doesn’t love a tub of thick, hair stuff that you leave in to do it’s magic? Just check out this product description from the Dove website:

Dove Damage Therapy Intensive Repair Treatment Mask is scientifically proven to work. Its fast melting formula with FIBRE ACTIVES and VITA-PROTEIN COMPLEX, absorbs deeply to help bind proteins in the core of hair to boost hair’s inner resistance and strength so it’s more resilient against future damage.

Use ONCE a week to take care of hair damage, leaving you to enjoy your favourite styles, guilt free and without the worry of damage.

Most fuzz balls need a lot of product and heat for styling and this of course means that somehow, hair needs to be repaired. I always use a mask once a week to try and save it from death by blow dry and frizz maintenance.

So moral of the story is…

That fuzzballs or troublesome manes can be saved with the right stuff, a bit of patience and a positive attitude because lord knows we peeps have it bloody tough.

And in case you were interested, my kids have thus far escaped the fuzzball I have come to know and despise. Thanks to their fine haired father.

Calling all fuzzballs or annoyingly, those with silky, luminous luscious locks (I hate you) … what are your tips and tricks?

All comments read, appreciated and responded to. So thank you x
  • Sarah

    You’re right about having to find what works for you. Living in Melbourne, my skin got a lot dryer and my hair got dryer and frizzier. I’ve tried so many hair masks/serums etc which did nothing but give me helmet hair and a lighter wallet. I was going to the gym before meeting a friend recently and dashed into Coles to get a cheap shampoo to use after gym – had forgotten my regular stuff. I bought a half-priced Sunsilk because it was on the sale display and washed my hair with it after gym. While waiting for my friend I bought a coffee and the lady behind the counter commented on how great my hair looked! I said, ‘Oh, my hair’s so frizzy!’ and she said ‘No, it’s not, MY hair is frizzy!’. Anyway, I made sure I went back to get another bottle of the shampoo while it was still on sale! I have also tried coconut oil in it after hearing so many raves but..meh…it doesn’t really do much…olive oil works better for me.

    • http://www.mammasvida.com.au/ Kat Caravella – Mamma’s Vida

      Wow! How funny is that… sometimes products you don’t expect to work actually do! And often the expensive stuff is really only that… expensive. Glad you found something that works for you!

      • Sarah

        Thanks but I’m not sure how long this will continue to work! That’s part of the problem, I find something that works and then… it stops…..I then use a clarifying shampoo hoping to restore former glory but…….no go :( I know this post is a collaboration with Dove and I was actually using one of their shampoos which worked great but then when I moved to Melbourne, I no longer got the same results (different water here/temperature?) Oh well, thank God for nice ways to put your hair up!

        • http://www.mammasvida.com.au/ Kat Caravella – Mamma’s Vida

          I am QUEEN of putting my hair up and QUEEN of headbands!
          Oh… and you should try living in Cairns… perfect humidity and temperature for HAIR! (not)

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