How do you spread your bread?


*This post is a collaboration with Flora*

You know, we only have the important discussions on Mamma’s Vida.

Now – who doesn’t love butter?

If your hand is up, you’re officially weird.

Isn’t butter impossible not to love? Especially on warm crusty bread that you only just picked up from a bakery. I suppose it would taste even better if the bread was a baguette that you collected in Paris while on your pushbike. You would pull up at your local bread maker (wearing a headscarf), quickly exchange pleasantries, collect your paper-bagged baguette and wave goodbye on your bike with a ‘Merci!’ to complete the happy transaction.

But alas. We don’t live in France so back to Butter.

*Pauses for a moment to obsess over French bread*

So today I thought I’d dedicate a post to celebrating butter, the healthier alternatives and share with you how it rocks my world.


Salty butter on crusty bread dipped into soup

Can someone bring me a big pot of Chicken and Veg soup please? (I have a good recipe here)

Because there is no such thing as a good soup without crusty, buttered bread.

It’s the ying to the soup’s yang. The perfect accompaniment.

So. Where’s that soup I asked for?


Butter on a crusty bread roll, filled with a barbecued sausage and tomato sauce

As much as I like to eat healthy, sometimes I love going to events where the only food on offer is a sausage sizzle.

And I love when the bread rolls are already buttered and the line is long and busy as it deters me from asking for bread without butter because picky pain in the arse will annoy fellow ravenous line-waiters, so happily – if guiltily – accepts buttered bread.

Which reminds me. I must ask Sienna’s pre-school when they are having another sausage sizzle.

My toast – cooled down – to ensure the butter, when spread, doesn’t melt completely

My husband thinks I am completely abnormal for doing this, but I literally take out my toast out of the toaster, leave it on the plate for around 5 minutes and return to it once it’s cool.

Then I spread the butter (and then the vegemite, because I’m a vegemite kid. But what Aussie kid isn’t?) and then my toast is just right.

Like so.

2014-04-23 07.55.472014-04-23 07.56.18

My other breakfast of choice is buttered, thick cafe-style fruit toast. And yes – also not buttered until it’s cooled down.

And while I thought I was the only one insane enough to do this, the other day my Mum was over and I noticed she did it too. I asked her if it was deliberate because you know what they say about apples falling from trees and she laughed and said it was.

Turns out there are at least two people in the world that like cold toast. Do you?

But of course, real butter on the regular is not particularly healthy…

… and so you have to consider healthier daily alternatives – especially when you are a butter fiend like me.

Spreads like Flora (What is cholesterol?) - which are made with sunflower seed oil and contain significantly less saturated fat than butter – are virtually trans fat free and can be used daily for spreading, cooking, baking and melting.


There’s even a ‘buttery’ variety that is blended with buttermilk – ensuring you get as close to that yummy buttery taste as possible without the nasties of real butter. Plus it’s heart foundation tick approved.

For more on how to use Flora, check out their website for recipes and great tips on how to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

You probably go through more butter than you realise

When you include toast, sandwiches, cooking and baking – it can add up to be a lot of butter. And especially for little kiddies bellies, too much saturated fat is never good.

But rather than give up your buttered crusty bread with soup (never!) or cold buttered toast (over my dead body!) just make sure you are using a healthier – but still tasty – alternative for spread.

Have you got any weird ways in which you spread your bread?

Do you use butter or an alternative?

All comments read, appreciated and responded to. So thank you x
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