How far will you travel for amazing food?


Yesterday we woke up and my husband said, “should we go to Sydney for the day?”

We are Sydney people – well I am, anyway. Hubby is from Cairns but lived in Sydney from when he was twelve. But we’ve both been away from the hustle and bustle of Australia’s greatest city (biased) for nearly 10 years because of his career.

When we moved to Newcastle, it marked the first time since 2005 that we’ve lived in driving distance from the city we call home. This fact made us terribly excited.

Until we first drove into North Sydney from the freeway.

“What is UP with this traffic?” He asked, with irritation great patience.

And ever the optimist, I replied, “It’s just North Sydney. People are going into the city. It will settle down once we hit the ‘burbs.”

But no, it did not settle down. That Sydney traffic is OFF THE HOOK, yo.

So we’ve come to accept that whenever we feel like a Sydney ‘hit’ then we will probably lose a few brain cells on the way there. Because traffic. Sydney people: how do you do it every day?

Anyway, so yesterday we were in that Sydney mood. But also in the mood for seafood. And so we – very gamely – got the girls ready for a drive to our favourite seafood restaurant of all time, The Lagoon Restaurant in Wollongong.

Now for those that know Sydney and it’s surroundings, you would know that Wollongong is around an hour (at best) south of Sydney city. So we were in for a hell of a drive but we knew it would be totally worth it.

And it was.


Now to be clear, this post has not been sponsored in any way. It’s been written as more of a Public Service Announcement. Because every seafood lover needs to go there. STAT.

Here are just a few reasons why:

- It just got voted Foxtel’s LifeStyle FOOD Channel’s National Favourite Restaurant in the 2014 I LOVE FOOD AWARDS – and they also won Favourite Fine Dining restaurant.

- The seafood is amazingly fresh, the food spectacular, the wine list extensive and the cocktails ROCK!

*Blogger’s tip: order the seafood platter – it will the best you’ve ever had – and match it with either a Stonefish Sauvignon Blanc or French Martini*

- The service is quick, attentive and friendly

- Even though it looks like fine dining, it’s still really great for families. Not only do the staff actually smile at your children, but each kid is handed a great little activity pack including a big colouring book, pad and crayons. And not a dodgy one either – they are so good, we took them home.

So – back to that drive

Well the way there from Lake Macquarie was a disaster – there was traffic all the way from North Sydney. This is especially horrendous when your freshly toilet trained 2-year-old thinks saying ‘wee wee’ every 5 minutes is particularly hilarious.

It took us 3.5 hours but like I said – totally worth it. Thankfully, the way back was much better – we had a great run so took us an hour less.

And for that food experience – we will definitely do it again. #WeHeartFoodBigTime

How far would you travel for good food?

All comments read, appreciated and responded to. So thank you x
  • Trish

    First I have to say ….The Lagoon being our favourite, and first choice restaurant for a long, long….long, long….long time ( we are so lucky it’s local)
    Secondly…I have to tell you…I have been in the motor trade most of my life, and have learnt that there are three things people look for when purchasing anything ( this also applies to food ) …Quality, Service, & Price. I have also learnt that they very rarely get all three. E.g. You may have paid the price you thought was fair, got the quality you were happy with…..but the service you expected was TERRIBLE.
    The moral of my ramblings?….. At Lagoon, you get all three !!

    • Kat Caravella – Mamma’s Vida

      Trish – that is so fabulously put! Lagoon definitely have all three and that’s what makes it magnificent!

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