How important are holidays to you?


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If we took a holiday
Took some time to celebrate
Just one day out of life
It would be, it would be so nice

Everybody spread the word
We’re gonna have a celebration
All across the world
In every nation

It’s time for the good times
Forget about the bad times, oh yeah
One day to come together to release the pressure
We need a holiday

Madonna’s ‘Holiday’ was released in 1983 and even though I was just 18 months old, I know every word.

Every single word.

And my kids, who were born in 2009  and 2012 will probably know the song when they grow up, too.

It’s just one of those tunes that paints a picture of happiness. Of joy. Of sun, dancing and an unlimited amount of cocktails.

Who doesn’t love a holiday?

Not I, my friends. Not I.

With my husband being a professional sportsman, we only get the same month every year to book holidays.

You ask any bride of a footballer when they exchanged vows with their groom and they will tell you June. Bloody June.

There were no decisions decisions on setting the date. No spring weddings that we perhaps dreamed of. No summer lovin’ weddings for us Aussie football families.

Because June is the off-season. No matter where you are in the world.

So it’s a winter wedding wonderland for us footballer’s wives! And look, I’m trying not to complain.  I get that winter in other countries might be pretty freezing and miserable and that many Aussie winter weddings are still spectacular, weather-wise.

But personally speaking, I froze my arse off as a bride on my wedding day. And while the photographer kept reiterating that “the cold and dark days always take the best pictures”, all I could think about while taking photos around a very windy Watson’s Bay on a very cold 14 degree day was GET ME A FIRE AND A GLASS OF WINE. STAT.

But I digress. Back to Holidays.

Since I have only ever known my husband in this profession, our holidays have always evolved around football. Our first holiday was in the off-season of our first year together, and we have made it an annual tradition ever since. On the odd occasion we have even managed a sneaky weekend away when time allows but at the very least, we’ve planned one decent holiday every year since we’ve been together.

In June. Sometimes May. But mostly June.

It keeps me sane. Honestly.

It recharges the batteries for another year of parenthood that is mostly beautiful and excellent and amazing but is sometimes challenging and emotional and hard.

It gives me at least a week of no cooking and cleaning and sharing the parental duties full time. 

It gives me the opportunity to drink numerous cocktails because I know my kids are under the watchful eye of my fellow helicopter parent co-pilot – my sober husband.

It gives me the chance to breathe, take in the surroundings and say: this week, we are just going to enjoy ourselves.

Holidays, for us, are ever so important.

Sometimes they’re big holidays. Big holidays that have seen us travel long distances to see amazing places. Big holidays that have cost a decent amount of money but have been worth every cent.

And sometimes they’re small holidays. Because sometimes it’s not financially the right time to go on a big holiday. But small holidays can still rock your world if you organise it right. Make sure you’re signed up to airline newsletters and special deals because unlike me, you may have that flexibility to say… an amazingly cheap flight has come up and lets just go! 

But sometimes, just sometimes, because you have been so excellent with your money and you’ve paid off credit cards and bills and childcare and utilities and expenses and renovations and mortgages all year… that you don’t have much holiday money left.

So how do you get your hands on one of those cocktails?

People take out loans for cars; they take out loans for houses; they take out loans for boats; they take out loans for material possessions all the time.

But do they ever take out loans – small, affordable loans – for the chance to say: you know what? This year has been tough. I deserve this break. I need to spend time with my family. I need to forget about the daily grind. For 7 blissful days.

Of course, if you are going to take out a loan to go on a holiday – you have to make sure you do it responsibly. Ensure you don’t borrow more than you can afford, and most importantly, borrow from the right lender, at the right interest rate.

But where do you start?

A personal finance consultant takes away the stress of hunting for the best lender. Get Approved - unlike a bank – work for you directly, so they’ll find and negotiate the most suitable finance for your needs. And they can even lend you sums as little as $3,000

My husband and I often say that perhaps if we didn’t do our annual holiday (given we have two kids over two and they pay full airfares most of the time) we might cut down our mortgage duration by a few years – and while that sounds great in theory, we’ll be in our fifties by the time we get to enjoy a mortgage-free house.

How important is a holiday – and the memories that go with it – to you?

  • Pinky Poinker

    The memories I have as a kid going on holidays with my parents are precious. The memories I have of taking my own kids away are equally as precious. I think they feel the same even though they’re now in their teens and older. Holidays rock!

    • Kat

      It’s about the memories! My biggest is just 4 and yet she always asks when we are going on another holiday – it’s ‘unwind’ time for them too! Priceless x

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