Hubby’s gone bald again

I will never forget the first time I saw him bald. It was a horror show.

For those who don’t know what my husband looks like, this is he:


I guess my husband’s hair has always been his ‘thing’ – its very much a part of him. It was long when I met him, long when I married him and aside from a brain snap and a few dodgy cuts, its always been long long long.

But let’s talk about the brain snap for a sec, shall we?

After a long family outing on a crisp Adelaide day, I was downstairs making dinner. Our then only child, Sienna, was watching Dora or Diego or some other Nick Jnr punish while hubby was upstairs watching football or so I bloody thought.

And then came that noise. It was a frightening buzzing sound that travelled down the stairs with a vengeance.

It sounded like… An electric razor.

I abandoned my chopping and did a Usain Bolt up the stairs but stopped in my tracks at the door to my room. I was scared.

Could he be really be shaving his head? And if he was, would I still love him?*

I walked in with trepidation and it was at the entry to the bathroom that I screamed.

“What the fark** are you doing?” I yelled, possibly at the top of my lungs. And after noticing the mass of his lovely, long hair scattered all over the bathroom floor (which had just been cleaned, mind you) I became fixated on the half of his head that had been shorn.

It was grey.

“Zenon!”, I shrieked, “You have grey hair coming through! Your days of being young are over! What have you done!!!”

And that’s when he started to laugh. I felt like I was in an alternate universe. He was laughing? What kind of sick puppy would laugh at my obviously horrified reaction to this particular haircut?

“Its not grey, Kat,” he replied with one of those frustratingly dismissive chuckles, “its skin.”

At that point, I was convinced my husband was insane. Who just randomly decides to shave their head? 

So after a significant period of ignore ignore ignore and if you haven’t got anything nice to say don’t say anything at all I got over the fact that he had inconsiderately removed the hair that I so loved. But his daughter – then just under 2 – wasn’t as forgiving.

She refused to let him read to her or put her to bed for 9 months. 

Karma, buddy.

Anyway. So as per the post title I probably should explain why he’s gone bald and why I aint mad this time. There can only be one reason – because I will tell you now, if he pulled one of those random shaving tricks on me again, divorce would be well on the cards.

Breast Cancer Awareness

As some of you know, hubby plays football for the Newcastle Jets here in the Hunter. The Mum of one of its longest serving players, Ben Kennedy, is being treated for breast cancer, and so a “shave day” was organised to raise funds for the Hunter Breast Cancer Foundation and nearly every single team member and coaching staff participated.

How awesome is that?


When hubby told me he was going to shave his head for this cause – while I wasn’t exactly excited about his lovely mane being snipped – I was proud of him. And equally proud of the boys. This picture is camaraderie to its core – it shows a football team (and great bunch of mates) offer incredible support for their teammate and a cause worth removing every strand of hair for.

And while the superficial gal in me will be mourning the lovely locks I fell in love with, I know they’ll grow back. If the Newcastle Jets “Pink Day for Ben Kennedy” means that enough funds will be raised to make a difference – then I reckon I can deal with hubby’s bald head.

One thing I will say though is the commentary team for this weeks game against Melbourne Heart will need to be on their A-Game – because a bunch of bald Jets will be taking the field, with nothing to differentiate them besides the numbers on their back!


If you want to donate to this amazing cause, click here.

*Of course I would still love him *I think*

** Did not use the word fark. I think you know which word I used.

  • Ms_MotorbikeNut (@Ms_MotorbikeNut)

    Am loving your blog sweetie & love following you around on twitter, LOL The funny thing is every time my husband & I see your husband play in the Newcastle Jets we say it’s my hubby cause my hubby (@MotorbikeNut) has long hair as well plus looks like your husband.

    In fact I’ve only ever seen my husband (in the nearly 8 yrs we have been going out) with short hair in a photo. Could your husband & my husband been one & the same?

    (((( Hugs )))) XXXX Kisses XXXX

    • Mamma’s Vida

      Hi Ms_MotorbikeNut!
      I just found you on twitter so expect a follow request!
      Thank you so much for your lovely words and I’m glad you are enjoying my blog.
      Love long hair! Tell your hubby to never shave it unless its for a good cause! x

  • Lee-Anne

    It’s a wonderful cause and what he (temporarily) lacks in luxurious locks, will be more than compensated by your enormous respect for participating in this challenge. :)

    BTW, hubby is fortunate to still be young enough to have some say in being bald!

    • Mamma’s Vida

      Perfectly put, Lee-Anne! I definitely respect him and the boys for ditching their vanity for a cause. And yes he still has his hair for now…

  • Pinky Poinker

    My hubby is bald and not by choice but he was like that when I met him and I often slap him on his bald spot because I like the sound it makes. Can I just say that your husband is a legend for what he’s doing and also he’s a bit of a good sort too :)

  • Mamma’s Vida

    Hahaha love the little slap! Baldies definitely have their charm and it totally suits many blokes! I’m sure your hub is one of them! Definitely proud of hubby and the whole team, it was inspiring. And he’s a spunk if I do say so myself! ☺️

  • Ashlee

    Kat, your blogs make me smile and so does your hubby’s actions this week. My hubby and I just couldn’t be prouder of our beloved Newcastle Jets. The camaraderie makes my heart swell with pride. Thanks for continuing to love your hubby, bald and all, for the sake of a beautiful cause ;)

    • Mamma’s Vida

      Hi Ashlee! Thank you for your comment. I reckon this camaraderie is what defines these Jets – willing to fight and support each other. Definitely always one to support a cause – baldy or not! Thank you for reading

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