I will die in Newcastle…

Moving box

… because I am not moving houses again.

But I always do though, because such is the nature of my husband’s profession.

We move. A lot.

You could say I am quite the professional box packer.

I can handle that packing tape like no one’s business.

Assemble those flat boxes like only a seasoned mover can.

You may or may not have noticed I have been ignoring my poor little blog.

I missed it.

So how are you all?

I’m finally in my new house, with a lot of stuff done but a lot still to do.

And I have learnt a few things in this move and they are:

I feel like an awful mother in the moving process

I am in a sea of boxes and and quite literally in the “zone” when my 18 month old asks me for teddies. I give. Even if its 10am.

My 4 year old asks for McDonalds for dinner. To avoid cooking with aching legs from packing all day, I drive, drive away to those golden arches.

The TV, which is not usually on all day, is their unofficial babysitter, because, you know, distraction.

And if I got a dollar for every time I said “Don’t touch!”

I would quite literally be loaded. I am sure these kids hated me last week.

But to be fair to moi

I did all the packing on my own. Hubby was doing double training sessions and our family was working and busy in Sydney. But they came for the move, where I had my Mum come to help unpack and my Mother-in-law as the unofficial child entertainment. They of course loved the attention especially after all the “don’t touches!”

Perhaps they don’t realise anymore that I am their mother?

But now…

We are nearly all moved in.

My children are now banned from eating fast food for quite a few years and now have a diet that consists of fruit, carrots and grains.

Ok so that’s an exaggeration but they are definitely eating much better and the TV is having a well earned break.

And as for me, I managed to steal a few minutes to write this even if it means as soon as I sign off I have to work on our new wine websites.

And next week is my darling girl’s 4th birthday! So much to do, so much to organise.

It never ends.

Toodles x

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