Mamma’s Vida annual wrap up: 2014 #GirlBye


2014! Year of the Shit House!

I get that to some, 2014 was Year Of the Amazing. But it wasn’t to my little family for one very sad reason and I am quite happy to slam the door on its arse and say #GirlBye. But rather than dedicate another post to being sad, I want to concentrate on things I’ve learned and things I plan on changing to make 2015 a bit brighter for us.

1. Say #GirlBye to lazy eating and #GirlHi to more activity and green stuff

2014 meant a lot of moving for us and a lot of moving can mean you lose a routine. And then when you get your routine back you are so exhausted from moving you eat your childrens leftovers for dinner and forget to buy ingredients for a salad or vegetables. And then when you feel sad you all get together to eat your sadness away, this of course, after you haven’t eaten properly in a week. And before you know it, you are used to eating more than you should because no routine and sad. And then you are so tired from eating and feeling sad you have no energy to exercise. And then by the end of 2014 you really need to check yourself before you wreck yourself. Seriously.

2. Say #GirlBye to frenemies

Some people say that losing someone makes you realise you want to be friends with everyone and keep the peace because life is short. The only part I agree with in that is that yes, life is damn short. So short that I have zero time and zero tolerance for bullshit in my life. As Mary J Blige so perfectly sung, there will be NO DRAMA. And if there is, well, #GirlBye. In the nicest possible way, of course.


3. Say #GirlHi to more WORK

I’ll reference another songstress and Iggy Azalea rapped it on point in ‘WORK’. 2015 will be year of the hustle. I’m going to write more, invest more time in our business, get creative, get innovative and ditch the complacency. Work = #GirlHi

4. Go to more live football games – despite the brain drain

I LOVE to watch hubby play. But I mean really watch. I’m not one for going to games all dolled up for the vino, although getting dolled up drinking vino is pretty fun too.

But seriously, I LOVE watching the games. Eyes fully peeled, neck moving from left to right, bum jumping on and off my seat depending on what type of goal it was. If we score a goal, I do a little dance around the room and my kids join in the fun. If we concede a goal, I fall to the floor and practically whimper nooooooo in the fetal position.

Look. I’m very dramatic. #PassionateGreek

DSC00232But you see, all these things usually (and thankfully) occur in the privacy of my own home. Because #HowEmbarrassment

Anyway. After husband quit football unexpectedly in June, all of a sudden I was riddled with regret from not taking the girls to enough games. Because my girls, as adorable as they are, are kids that do not sit still, yo. I mean. Even charged iPads full of new games won’t keep their bums in seats. I mean. It’s all just too exciting for them.

And so when I take them, I always leave the football not having the foggiest clue of what happened. Because chasing kids everywhere. And it really shits me!

But this season, now he’s back on the pitch (where he belongs) I have totally made an effort and will continue to in the new year. The girls are a year older and have gotten noticeably more, let’s just say, calm. I probably get to now watch 45 whole minutes out of the available 90 of football so that’s pretty bloody miraculous.

And they even walked out with Papa through the tunnel at the first home game. #Priceless

5. Embrace life.

I mean, really, truly embrace it. We only have one. Live it. Breathe it. Laugh. Smile. Love. And take a leaf out of this beautiful man’s book.

What are your goals for 2015? What are you saying #GirlBye and #GirlHi to?

All comments read, appreciated and responded to. So thank you x
  • teacherversusmum

    Can completely relate to NO.4 Although I must admit to still chasing the boys around at games, wine in one hand, lip gloss in the other, one eye on the pitch, pretending later that I saw everything :) However, this behaviour is far more acceptable at Palm Beach F.C ha!. Happy New Year to you and your lovely family. Wishing you a year filled with happy memories as opposed to the tough ones you have faced this year xx

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