My belated New Year’s Resolutions


It might be February and my writing is likely a bit rusty since I haven’t blogged in ages but I really wanted to share the New Years Resolutions that I will likely not keep but I will darn well try to.

You know what? Forget New Years Resolutions. Let’s just call them plain and simple resolutions.

Because I don’t know about you but sometimes change can’t wait. I mean. If your New Year’s Resolution is to go to the gym and eat healthily and you decide it in December 2016 then you best believe you’ll put on another 2kg eating all the shit you can shovel in your mouth that month because come January it’s carrots and celery for you my friend and your weight-loss journey just got that much harder.

So. Want something changed? Do it now. Like me. In February.

Here goes.

1. Stop trying to please everyone. You never will.

There is something quite liberating about finally working out that no matter how hard you try, you will never please everyone. And in 2016, I learned the hard way. You are going to win some and lose some. And that’s okay because some people are either plain arseholes or you simply don’t agree and that’s the way it goes.

2. Fold more often

I am an absolute champion at washing. I am always up to date with washing. But folding? Different story. Right now, as I write this, I stare at two large baskets of washed clothes that desperately require folding and it’s the last thing I want to do right now. Come to think of it, it’s probably why I’m blogging after months away. Folding procrastination.

3. Re-gain my cooking mojo

I mean I was such a creative cook. I really was. And then full-time work and child-rearing happened and I became that cook to survive person, the kind – as a food-worshiping Greek – Australian, I always despised. I mean food is in my bloodline! How could I possibly do the bare minimum just to make sure my family ate something, anything. I mean. BBQ Chickens, Tacos, weekly bolognese, take-away sushi… It was our jam in 2016. And while I know, yes, it’s more than some other people have in the world, I have to learn to love my kitchen again and cook up a storm, yo!

4. Diarise more

Seriously when it comes to my business I remember most things and keep it all pretty organised but when it comes to my family appointments – doctors, school events, activities, hell, even library and sport days – I am the absolute worst. To help solve this problem I buy a nice new diary each year in the hope it will change my life and come December it’s EMPTY, bar for the spot where you write your name and address really neatly at the beginning.

5. The classic: Eat better and exercise more 

You know it’s not that I’m eating terribly but 2016 was definitely a year of unnecessary snacking while working (in front of the computer, on my arse) which inevitably led to the inability to fit into my favourite clothes. And call it vanity or whatever you wish but I really love clothes and hence not fitting into them disturbs me on an obscene and superficial level.

6. Avoid talking politics with the extreme right-wing

It won’t end well.

7. Lastly. Always take time to remember what’s important in life

Sometimes work and trivial life-matters can consume you more than they should. So I want to take some time each day to really pay attention to the laugh of my kids; the innocence of their long stories; the beauty in the 500th drawing they bring home to show me with pride. I want life to not be so busy to miss family moments that I shouldn’t.

So there you have my February resolutions. What are yours?

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