My one regret

write-bravely_2560-x-1600_1920x1200You know, I really miss writing.

I miss the free time I had to write. I miss being able to write freely and unabashedly about my thoughts on the world. It was almost… therapeutic. Many writers will tell you that. They’ll tell you that writing their every thought enabled them to reason better. Writing, for me, made things make sense.

And now there’s no time left to write.

Writers out there will tell me to make time. To find the time. Maybe I just don’t have it anymore. Not time. It.  Maybe I just don’t have it in me to write.

One day, very long ago, I made a choice. I finished my uni degree, packed my bags and moved to New Zealand to be with my then boyfriend who had just signed a contract to play in the very first year of the A-League. I knew back then, while waiting to board at the airport, that it was a definitive moment. For me. For my future.

It was his career or mine.

I boarded that plane, arrived in our new Auckland abode, found a job completely unrelated to my media degree and settled into my new life as the unlikely WAG I became.

kat__zenon__largeThis all sounds very sad. Disappointing even. But it was the single best decision I made.

From Auckland we moved to Holland, where we spent every free weekend for two years visiting a new country. I watched my husband play beautiful football in a quality European league and with it came so many memories.

And I still worked. I was lucky enough to find a fantastic job in buying for EU Foot Locker and it was one of the best times of my life.

Those amazing two years of football turned into another ten back in Australia, where we continued to travel for his career while starting a new, completely mind-blowing chapter to the story of our lives – babies.

The football years; from being the partner of someone in elite sport and seeing first hand what it takes, to the people we met, the emotions we felt and the decisions we made. It was such a wonderful, priceless journey.

For Kat-114I’m not one to regret but I do have one from all those years ago.

I wish I wrote. From start to finish. Way back when.

Not for readers. But for me. I wish I had pages upon pages of writing that I can reflect on, laugh at and reminisce about.

I want to find more time to write. I want to find it again.

All comments read, appreciated and responded to. So thank you x
  • Pinky Poinker

    You still have all your best years ahead of you. Don’t ever regret all those memories you’ve developed and treasure because they’re what will inspire you when your kids are a bit older. You will be bursting at the seams with stories and will have the gift of retrospection x

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