My Puttanesca sauce recipe via Motherpedia


My very special go-to Puttanesca sauce (and a little bit of a personal background) was published on and you can find it right here

  • Lee-Anne

    Yum. I am a huge fan of Puttanesca…I love the combination of tangy ingredients (though I have to cut the anchovies finely or my family objects), will try your recipe – sounds delicious. :)

    By the way, Kat, do you happen to know the origin of this name – Puttanesca? Apparently it’s from the Italian (Spanish and French) “puttana” meaning whore! It was explained to me by my husband (Spanish/Italian heritage) that it was called this because you could make it by just throwing random ingredients into the pan – a bit of this and a bit of that, (working on the premise that whores are too busy to follow recipes!) :D

    • Mamma’s Vida

      You should definitely try it, its a winner and a quick one!
      I did know the reference to whores but didn’t know the “random ingredients” part! Either way they did a good job of whipping it up!
      I’ll have mine extra hot thanks :)

  • Maisa Leibovitz

    I found a pasta maker real cheap recently and pasta is going to re-enter my life at full-force. I will certainly try your putanesca.

    • Mamma’s Vida

      Ooh yum, I love real, fresh pasta! What a great buy!
      Hope you like the recipe and thanks for stopping by!

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