My rambling week wrap up : Taxes, Oysters, Chilli, Schapelle and more


I don’t know why, but this week was FULL ON. Everything just HAPPENED this week. News happened – some good, some bad. Paperwork happened – all bad (does anyone like paying bills?). Sick kids and sleepless nights – BAD BAD BADDY BAD.

There’s more. Here’s a wrap up starting from the most trivial.

Chilli on Everything


Everything I have eaten this week, with the exception of breakfast, has involved chilli flakes or fresh chilli. Even my ham/avocado sandwich tasted bland without chilli. Eggs, you ask? I’ll have them poached with fresh chilli, thanks.

Pregnant? No way! I obviously just like my shit HOT!

Oysters are a delicacy… Or not


Recently, a fantastical fish shop opened nearby and they sell fresh and cooked seafood. My husband and I have been regulars in the weeks since opening day and so we are always greeted with friendly smiles when we order our usual grilled barra’s. HOWEVER after randomly treating myself to half a dozen oysters a fortnight ago, I have gotten somewhat an obsessive taste for them. No less than 4 times this week, we went and I ordered 6 fresh oysters with 2 quarters of lemon on the side.

Needless to say, the friendly smiles have turned into weird glances. To top it off, one of the servers wished my husband good luck for this weekend’s game – we never even realised they recognised him. Woe is me. I am the crazy wife that eats 24 oysters a week.

I might have to take a week off Oysters. But now that I think about it, I haven’t had them in two days…

I lost a whole post… 1100 words to be precise 


While in the shower on Sunday night (and after a large glass of Pinot Noir) I yelled out to my husband, “I have a blog idea!”

After agreeing with me that yes, it was a pretty fab topic, I made mental notes on what points I wanted to make and by midday on Monday – after a couple of hours on and off messing with it – the post was written!

Or not.

A phone call from my husband asking me for the mechanic’s number led to me typing a big, farking WWW.GOOGLE.COM in my address bar – COMPLETELY FORGETTING about my ready to publish post in the window.

And this time, AUTO SAVE failed me. FAILED ME I TELL YOU.

Before you ask, I tried restoring revisions. the last revision was at 174 words.

Woe is bloody me. Again.

Needless to say that “great idea” turned into a big, fat, waste of freaking time.

Tax time sucked this year as much as it did last year


And all I had to do was compile information and numbers to give to the accountant. NUMBERS ARE MY ENEMY!

I admire the people that do their own tax return.

Oh and the next day I noticed a grey hair in my eyebrow. MY EYEBROW! Screw you, taxes.

I read Brandi Glanville’s first book


You know her, surely? The scorned ex-wife (sorry Brandi – I know you hate being called that) of Eddie Cibrian – an actor mostly famous for having an affair with Leanne Rimes who he later married.

Nowadays, Brandi is a filter-less cast member on the “Real Housewives of Beverly Hills” and as much as her book is FULL ON – I admire her honesty.

Sex, drugs, alcohol, threesomes, affairs and life in Lala Land… Its a must read for the trash (or closet) TV lover.

I could *possibly* be becoming one of those clean-eating hipsters


Growing up in a Greek household that obsesses over food – think oily, slow cooked lamb, lemon potatoes, chunky bread and CARBS lots of CARBS – has meant that a proper “clean eating” lifestyle has never really crossed my mind. Sure I’ve dabbled in it a little – remember my protein balls recipe? – and I make sure where I can, I cook with superfoods.

But activated almonds? Er, no.

Lately my kids have just been asking for Tiny Teddies a little too much. My eldest actually dry reaches at the sight of anything green – unless its a lolly, of course. My littlest thankfully still likes veggies so I hope to keep it that way.

Yesterday I bought a clean eating recipe book and for the first time I read the proper RATIONALE behind it all – and it made total sense.

So I’m *half* giving it a go. Not to the point of being anti-social (you can still invite us out for dinner and I will dip my crusty bread in olive oil and balsamic) and definitely not to the point of depriving myself of an occasional treat.

My grandmother would be horrified if I could never eat her Pasticio again.

Schapelle Corby is out of prison for drug smuggling and stands to earn MILLIONS


YOU HEARD ME. A convicted criminal is a soon to be millionaire.

Meanwhile, us law abiding citizens work our ARSES OFF for a pretty penny.

The sad thing is, I will probably watch the interview in which she will AGAIN proclaim her innocence. There will be no CONFESSION, there will be no juicy Bali prison stories (err, because PAROLE) and so as much as yes, perhaps it will provide good ratings for Channel 7, most of us will probably say after watching…. “Jeez well that was an hour I’ll never get back”

And then there’s Dancing with the Stars, magazine covers…

Haven’t we heard enough about the Corby’s for a lifetime?!!!

And onto something more serious…

A mentally ill father murders his son


There is something particularly personal about when a parent kills their child. Sure, all murders and tragedies involving kids (or anyone for that matter) are disturbing… but stories like this really rock you to the core.

I can only imagine the fear going through that poor little boy when he saw his father strike at him. And the mother… I cried for her. Tears for a woman I don’t know.

Anyone that is a parent can understand the very unique LOVE you have for your children. Its an all consuming LOVE – unconditional in every way – that can make you feel breathless with joy and sadness, heartache and yearning. Its the most beautiful yet most heart-wrenching and testing job in the world, to be a parent.

What this woman could possibly be going through is unimaginable. And her words of compassion were just so… rare. And so forgiving.

RIP little Luke.

I’m sorry to end this post on a sad note but such is Life – its fun, and its silly and great but sometimes the world can be a bit shitty.

  • Lee-Anne

    A diverse and diverting (LOL) post. And a poignant story to end with – sensitive comments, Kat…it makes us pause for thought and reflection. No one knows what’s around the corner (thank god) :)

    • Mamma’s Vida

      Hi Lee-Anne – its definitely diverse!
      After my dramatics on Monday re losing my post, I nearly swore off blogging completely!
      Little Luke’s story was one that touched Australia – and there could be no weekly wrap up without him and Rosie, no matter how sad x

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