My weekly rave –


I am a raver. I love to rave.

I am big on sharing great finds and I love when people do the same for me.

Why keep your awesome discoveries to yourself? It’s just rude, right?

So I am starting a weekly rave, where I take a stupendous thing I discovered that week (or already knew about but re-acqauinted myself with) and share it with you for your perusal or enjoyment or disgust or whatevs.

So, onto my weekly rave and that is…

Free People ( – Otherwise known as my favourite brand of clothing in the history of the universe (that I can afford anyway).

Why its amazeballs 

I first discovered Free People when I bought a bag from Saks online 3 years ago. It was a gorgeous leather backpack that converted into a boho shoulder bag and I specifically bought it for our trip to America. I wanted one bag I could convert according to need – backpack for airport and travel and boho shoulder for days out.

Anyhoo, so I bought the bag and I proudly took it to America – which happens to be its origin (all Free People clothing and accessories are made in California) and while I was there looked out for the brand as I was super keen to check out their other wonderful merchandise.

And oh how I did, and I never looked back.


Why – if you are married – you may or may not get divorced when you discover Free People

My husband has recently discovered the exact location of where I put the empty boxes that – in their previous lives – contained merchandise (mainly Free People) purchased online. I “hide” them in the garage as I know I will find a use for them down the track and when hubby decided he was going to “reorganise” it last week I feared my secret would be discovered and he would issue me with the big D papers. Turns out he wasn’t all that surprised as he does “check the bank statement, you know”. Duh.

Anyway. The best thing about Free People is that as they are based in the USA, you buy SALE items for the season you need them for - so often you can get some really nice things that you need at great prices. Like today, when I perused and *maybe* purchased from Free People, I noticed they currently a have great range of summer stuff on sale in prep for our gorgeous summer to come. Stock up and be the only person at your playgroup/work/shopping centre NOT wearing Witchery!


Quality quality and quality

I have always been of the mindset that I would rather buy one good quality – if a bit pricier – item than 5 cheap ones. So what I love about Free People is that not only do they have on-trend and gorgeous pieces, they are made well and look it. And when you can get them on sale, they don’t break the bank.

And at FREE worldwide shipping with purchases over $100 – its a total Win/Win!


My style

And last but not least – in being a combination of bohemian, ethereal, chic and fun, Free People is totally My Style.


Is it your style or not so much? I would love to hear your feedback on this week’s rave!

Side note: All the pictures I have included are ON SALE NOW! You’re totally welcome xxx

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