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So I’ve been blogging here on Mamma’s Vida since January 2013 and if you’re a regular reader, you know I like to do a bit of raving. And not the glow-stick kind. Those days are long over, my friends.

You know those people that discover something fabulous and will NEVER tell you where they got it from or how they made it or how they discovered it or how they worked it out because they want to be the only ones that wear it or cook it or bake it or know it?

Yeah, well that’s not me.


So rather than stick all my rave-reviews on here, I thought I would create a whole new space for my picks and so Gushing was born. It will now be my place to totally gush about everything I love.

What does this mean for Mamma’s Vida, you ask? Well it stays of course. And it will remain my place of venting and sharing stories. It will still be my private blog and you’ll still find all my published work here too. Just without the recipes, without the tips, without the raves, without the product reviews – because they’ll go on Gushing.

Sound A-OK to you?

So at the moment I am busy working on content to launch the site. I have got so many things to share with you! This is what you can expect from Gushing:

- Recipes that will taste awesome but won’t take forever! (Unless it’s Christmas and I’ll share with you my recipe for 5-hour roast lamb. YES YOU READ THAT CORRECTLY)

- Fashion that’s accessible, affordable and original, except for the odd luxury item (because everyone needs a luxury item or two, right?)

- Stuff for the home: kitchen gadgets, decor and organisation

- Kids fashion, tips, snacks, recipes and educational toys/apps

- Travel: destinations, hotels, tips for the kids… because who doesn’t love a terrific family holiday worth gushing (and not moaning) about?

Now, to be clear… this is totally a ‘gushing-only’ site, which means no negative reviews will be posted. So it means only the goodies make the cut.

Cheers to positivity in 2015!

Now, my darling Mamma’s Vida subscribers… If you like what you’ve just read, take a little wander down to my other residence and click right here to subscribe… Oh, and you can follow Gushing on twitter @gushingau and if you don’t follow me already, make sure you do that too @katcaravella :)

What do you think of my new (ad) venture? Do you have any products/services worth gushing about? Email me at to let me know and you might make the launch page!

All comments read, appreciated and responded to. So thank you x
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