Newcastle food review – Noodle Hut Thai & Noodle Bar

A little while ago, I kindly got asked by Menulog to do a food review. Maybe it’s the incessant blogging/discussing/tweeting/facebooking over anything edible that compelled them to contact me, but of course, I was happy to accept the challenge.

But like with all product reviews on Mamma’s Vida, I have my conditions. Due to a recent poor experience with online food ordering (with another company) I was admittedly dubious… and since I’m not one to post negative reviews, I accepted on the proviso that if I wasn’t happy, I wouldn’t post.

So, here I am posting – which means it could have only gone one way.

It was (thankfully) mostly great!

I love and hate Thai food. Love, because when it’s great, it’s absolutely awesome. Hate, because when it’s not, it’s positively woeful.

So before I ordered my take-away from Noodle Hut Thai and Noodle Bar in Charlestown, I did a bit of research. I had read reviews (both on and off Menulog) and made an informed decision to order from these guys – especially given I didn’t have any imminent plans to ingest bad Thai.

My hubby and I ordered a mixture of dishes, as we were both in a ‘picking’ mood. We settled on Salt and Pepper Squid and Crab, Thai Beef Salad, Pad See Ew with chicken and Thai Fried Rice with chicken.

menulog1On the night of the order, we had just started packing boxes to move houses. And states. And lives. And so as hubby went off to collect our food, our rumbling tummies impatiently patiently waited to be fed. In the 30 minutes he was gone, I had to field (and painfully reject) requests for rice bubbles bars and cheese and biscuits and bananas and tiny teddies and rice crackers and cucumbers and anything edible from my starving children.

So as soon as he walked in I literally raced like a madwoman, snatched the bag off him and swiftly plated everything up so we could EAT.

menulog2The highlights

The Pad See Ew was undoubtedly the fave – it had a great combination of enough crisp veggies, tender chicken and huge fat noodles. And it came in a cute box and I totally dig things like that.

I’m also a huge fan of Thai Beef salad and this one did not disappoint. The dressing had the perfect mixture of sweet and sour and spicy and the salad itself was jam-packed with lots of herbs and veggies. The beef was tender and high in quality (as opposed to a recent Thai Beef Salad I had the unfortunate luck of sampling in which I very nearly lost my teeth). This dish was our second fave.

The Thai fried rice I ordered for my girls – and they both loved it. It wasn’t as oily as your classic fried rice and again, lots of veggies and chicken with a flavour that was delicious.

menulog4The Okay-lights

I’ll admit when I ordered the salt and pepper squid and crab, I was expecting a lighter batter, so it kind of surprised me that these menu items were so… deep fried. Having said that, the flavour was definitely good and I’m sure for those that like food of the fried variety, they would enjoy these dishes. The crab was more like a soft shell crab (which I didn’t realise) and once we got past the whole deep fried-ness of it all, they were really tender and juicy on the inside. It was definitely our fave of the two okay dishes.

Would I order from them again?

Absolutely – although next time I would give a curry a try. Out of the five dishes we ordered, three were excellent and two weren’t our thing, but were still relatively enjoyable.

The service was perfect – it was ready to be collected at our random time of 5:45pm and hubby said they were friendly on pickup.

Ordering from Menulog…

… was absolutely simple. It was quick, painless and the site was easy to use. I always love and appreciate reviews from real, honest people so at least you’re able to order with confidence. Not only did these reviews help me make my choice, but the mostly positive comments were pretty spot on.

Have you been to Noodle Hut Thai and Noodle Bar in Charlestown? What did you think? Have you ever ordered from Menulog?

All comments read, appreciated and responded to. So thank you x
  • Pinky Poinker

    I love food in boxes too. It just seems to taste nicer and I wouldn’t know the difference between good or bad Thai food. Although last time I ate it I had a reaction to the MSG in it. It happens when I eat too much Chinese food as well.

    • Kat Caravella – Mamma’s Vida

      I love asian food in boxes! (maybe because I feel I’m in America)
      Once you’ve had amazing Thai you would totally know bad Thai so maybe you’ve always just had excellent Thai! (despite the MSG!)
      Oh! My sis and her hub went to Townsville this weekend and they LOVED IT! Said it was a vibrant city with lots going on.
      May visit you soon, Pink xx

  • Pinky Poinker

    Great! Can’t wait!

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