Nothing like a bit of outrage…


… to awaken the sleeping blogger in me.

I mean. 2016. How ridiculous can you get? 

So yesterday I had the misfortune of reading two articles that involved banning at schools. Look, the banning of things isn’t new – schools have long loved a ban. But back in my day, banning usually involved things like:

- School yard violence
- Smoking
- Swearing
- Jigging (do they still call it that?)
- Bullying

You get the drift. Stuff that’s bad or harmful, either physically or emotionally.

Turns out the art of banning has steered from being regular house-rules to downright ludicrous, ridiculous and unrealistic political correctness extremism, teaching our ever-entitled youth that everything is worth complaining about.

So, all in one outraged-filled day, one school banned claps in favour of silent cheering (specifically – fist pumping and excited faces) and the other banned any gender specific terminology, such as ladies or girls.

I mean. What the actual fark.

My personal outrage towards the world’s outrage started a few years ago, at what I like to call RedPenGate.

I had heard a school banned red pen being used by teachers for correcting work as studies (what studies, I ask. Show me the damn studies) showed it could cause psychological damage to children. I am guessing because red is the colour of blood and children can in turn link their poor grammar or mathematics to death. Or their first cut.

Either way, red is bad, apparently. Bad.

I rolled my eyes at that ban then, and I roll my eyes at it now. Yes, kid. Your homework was bad. Fix it. Get better. Study harder. Listen at school. A bit of red pen ain’t gonna kill you. And it sure aint gonna remind you of the first fall off your bike.


Not long after RedPenGate, I heard about the introduction of participation medals at school.

For as long as I can remember, I was never, ever a winner of anything sporty at school. I think I came third once and receiving that ribbon was amazing. I never got the blue ribbon. Ever. I just wasn’t good enough.

And that was okay.

My parents never told me I was cheated out of winning. They never told me I was better than I was. They told me if I wanted that blue ribbon I would have to either get better or find something I was good at. Because everyone is good at something and that’s a fact.

I learnt to lose at sport and it was fine. Because it made winning at other things that little bit sweeter.

Pfftt. Partcipation medals. Sure. Let’s teach our kids that everyone’s a winner even if they aren’t. The reality is, the world is hard. And it’s only going to get harder for that nine year old that missed out on a ribbon because they came seventh. There is absolutely nothing wrong with losing a little in life. It builds character, strength, resilience. It teaches our kids that they need to work hard to achieve their goals.

My kids are only little but even at their tender ages I can see strengths and weaknesses in both of them.

They are both brilliant but not at everything – and I want them to know that’s okay. And while I will always support them, fight for them and encourage them to do whatever they want to do in life, I will never give them false hope – good things come to those who work at them.

I can only imagine participation medals were the result of parental outrage demanding every child go home a winner.

Back to yesterday’s outrage

So schools have banned hugging, clapping (it makes kids more fidgety, apparently) and now gender-specific terms and my question is, what is bloody next?

The world has officially gone mad. And I’m outraged at that.

  • Kit @ lifethroughthehaze

    The world sure has gone mad! I have sat through many a school assembly and a short round of applause for achievement causes far less fidgeting! Because fist pumping and jazz hands and silent clapping never caused a commotion said no-one who has been in a school assembly. Straight out ridiculousness!

  • Natasha Memis-Stefanis

    I completely agree with you!!!
    I think it’s there way of controlling society and making our kids think its normal not to show emotions, excitement and affection!!
    Great article!

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