#RHOMelbourne Mid-Season rant


Despite my great love for the Real Housewives series of all cities and all countries that have ever existed in history, I have never recapped the episodes. (Although I did do a first impressions post here)

It’s my guilty pleasure that I usually like to keep in the confinements of my living room while holding a glass of red.

And besides, its just a show.

But after last night’s episode of Real Housewives of Melbourne, I’ll admit it did get me wondering. As I sat there perusing the #RHOMelbourne tweets (including those of the cast members) my mind just boggled. Boggled.

Do grown women – self proclaimed ‘intelligent professionals’ – really act this way?

Here’s a quick recap:

All the girls besides Chyka – who, along with our resident barrister, seems to be the most sane of the wives – have a problem with Gina. They decide that the most appropriate thing to do is air their grievances as a group, on television. (Darlings, this is called bullying).

Andrea, clearly leading the charge, hurls words to the effect of:

- I run rings around you in intelligence

- I am busier than you are

Do people say shit like this in real life? I bet you my eyes weren’t the only ones rolling.

And then, while Gina just sat there, she added:

- You are aggressive, vulgar and confrontational and I’m offended just looking at you

There is a saying that relates perfectly to this very scenario, something to do with a Pot and Kettle. You know the one.

Then we have Janet, who decides – seemingly overnight given she has known Gina 23 years and they were selecting clothing together for her date recently – that she is very upset with her always being late and wants to join the hate-party.

That’s totes a reason to want to kill someone. Not.

And then there was the word disrespectful. Used over and over again. Being late, spray tan on towels, high heels on the 40 thousand dollar tennis court (even though Andrea clearly said to Gina’s face she was concerned about her ankle not the tennis court. But did she tell you its 40 thousand dollars and do you even have one?)

Did they mention being late? Of course they did. Such a deal breaker in a friendship and very much worth an on-camera onslaught.

Of course, there’s the email. The mysterious email.

Now girls, let’s be honest. This isn’t about the tan, this isn’t about the heels, this isn’t about being late. It isn’t even about the C- word.

It’s about the email.

If the information I have is correct, Gina or her partner sent a legal letter threatening action to production if her partner was spoken about on camera.

Not unreasonable, no?

I mean. The guy’s ethics came into question. He’s a businessman. It’s called self-preservation. Something Andrea – judging by her on-screen behaviour and tweets to fans of the show that dare to disagree – should look into.

There’s been a lot about what goes on off-camera. And a lot about editing. And a lot about the truth will be revealed.

But all I can see from here is a bunch of mean girls that are trying to bully someone on television.

Andrea has gone on about the C word. And on and on and on and on. And women’s rights. And the C word.

And yet she has criticised and made a mockery of another woman’s appearance since day one. #WomensRights #PotKettle

It is not ok to call someone the C word. But it’s also not ok to place so much emphasis on how a woman looks – something that started at Thredbo, before the C word was ever uttered. It was mean and it was bitchy and reminded of me of poorly behaved teenagers talking absolute smack.

I don’t care what happened behind the scenes because we don’t know. This is what we saw, with our own eyes, as viewers.

And that’s the only way we can judge.


As a strong woman

It makes me incredibly sad to see grown and supposedly intelligent women be so horrific to each other. I would never confront girlfriend of mine about issues I have in a group setting because that is called an ambush. Gang mentality. Schoolyard bullying. Television show or not – it’s horrendous behaviour. And the bitchy, snide comments (about spray tan’s and fake bags) well and truly ensure that anything valid you have to say goes right out the window.

Because who says that shit.


  • phoebe

    Team gina all the way!

    • http://mammasvidablog.wordpress.com Mamma’s Vida

      Is there any other team?


    Team Gina for me too!!!! The nastiness makes me sick to my stomach. I cannot imagine Andrea or Lydia would have any genuine friends for long as they are incredibly narcissistic and insincere.
    If owning a tennis court defines you as a person then you are sadly lacking depth and integrity. That’s Andrea and Lydia in a nutshell.

    • http://mammasvidablog.wordpress.com Mamma’s Vida

      I know – it was excruciating to watch, truly. Turns out expensive tennis courts can’t buy you decency – and the constant dollar dropping is horrendous.

  • Liza

    Actually, I think they all can’t stand eachother. I was at the launch of the Liberty Bell clinic (not the first ‘weird’ one where they were standing next to machines) but the next cocktail party to air on the next episode. The series wasn’t on yet and I ended up speaking to Lydia (just because she was standing next to me, and I ended up getting introduced). I know a couple of Shiavellos, so we chatted for a bit. I asked her about the show and she said words to this affect “they’re all bitches and they all hate me”. To which I laughed (not sure if she was joking or not). And then later in the evening, the producer arranged the ladies all in a circle – got us all to stand back- , basically told them what they were going to talk about and it was essentially ‘lights, camera, action’. They did their bit and dispersed again. So it may not be 100% scripted, and there’s probably some real bits to it, but from what I saw it was super staged and super fake. The only reason I can imagine wanting to be on that show is fame.

    • http://mammasvidablog.wordpress.com Mamma’s Vida

      Fantastic insight! I imagine it would be that way – they don’t look like real friends in the slightest. I watch all the Real Housewives series and there’s something about this one that is especially sinister. The girls are just so… spiteful.

  • BJ

    Melbourne society must be screaming into their Krug, such classless people it’s hard to believe they don’t understand how feral they appear. Gina looks uncomfortable to be associated with the show and this can’t be good for her professional status. Novo riche is ugly and Lydia is not only classless but so ignorant that it gives a comedic relief, and how ironic that Andrea works in the beauty industry but no amount of cosmetic assistance can change inner ugliness. There is a very dark undertone to this series that I haven’t seen in the other series and I hope this doesn’t get aired overseas.

    • mammasvida@gmail.com

      Agree with everything you have said. The funny thing is – I am certain if they read these comments and those on social media they’ll be hurling ‘it’s just a show!’ and ‘it’s editing!’ and ‘you don’t know what happens off camera!’, but what they don’t realise is that regardless of all these things… they look despicable.

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  • Jasmin Pearce

    I’m so glad to have read this after watching that episode. Andrea running rings around Gina in intelligence? The whole dinner made her look really stupid, after hearing some of the things that come out of Lydia’s mouth – there’s real issue of intelligence there. #teamgina also, bless Chyka through out the whole episode.

  • Toria

    Lordy. They remind me of the mean girls on Muriel’s Wedding with slightly, only slightly, updated haircuts.

    • Kat

      They totally do! Good spotting :)

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