Rules, Glorious, Rules.


Yesterday I wore a ‘Creme’ dress to a wedding. I spell it this way because that is what the tag says, so lets go with it.

Anyway, I bought it a few weeks ago, specifically for this occasion, and to wear to my daughters Christening coming up.

So a week before the wedding, I try it on for a friend who abruptly exclaims that ‘Kat Oh My God Its Cream. You Can’t Wear Cream To A Wedding’.


Oh, that’s right. That age- old tradition of not being able to wear white, off white, ivory, cream, or any other colour that the bride may wear in case, God Forbid, you may outshine them.

Too bad if the bride is wearing Pink. That makes that off limits too.

I totally get that there are Brides that get a bit emotional over this tradition. This is why I texted my friend, the Beautiful Bride, to ask if she would mind if I wore it. My gut instinct told me she wouldn’t, because she is a very modern, laidback chick that doesn’t care about these things. She promptly texted back OF COURSE YOU CAN WEAR IT DON’T BE RIDICULOUS.

Needless to say, nothing anyone could have worn to this wedding would have outshone the Bride. She was simply breathtaking.

A few people wore Cream to my wedding. I didn’t notice until someone pointed it out to me. And even then, I didn’t care.

Why would I? I was the Bride, it was my day, and I am pretty sure someone, if they wanted to ‘outshine’ me, could do so in a little mini RED number. Or BLACK. Or HOT PINK. You get my drift.

Perhaps we should all just wear paper bags to a wedding next time.

So I am at the reception, and my friend said to me, ‘You already Instagrammed a photo!’


‘Um, and?” I replied.

“Some people get upset when people post photos of them before they get to do it first”.

My friend then proceeded to tell me about how she once got a wedding invitation that clearly stated that No Photos Of The Day Were To Be Published On Facebook Or Social Media.


This is getting Ridic, right?

So, first I can’t wear a dark shade of cream to a wedding, OR post photos of the beautiful Bride and Groom? (which were gorgeous and flattering mind you)

Whoa! There are too many rules for me to abide by in life.  Perhaps I will be forever an Etiquette Rule Breaker. Don’t hate me, I mean well.

Bye, I am going to go crawl under my rock

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