Saying goodbye. Again


You know how many people I have come across that say “you’re a WAG. That must be so fun!”

And without sounding somewhat ageist, and a tad judgey, these people are usually young. You know, apprentice hairdressers, young women without too many responsibilities (those were the days), or perhaps just those that have read far too many magazines claiming all WAGS don Chanel bags and red bottoms while sipping champers at every game.

I won’t lie – I have met WAGS like that. WAGS that simply love being WAGS. Even in Australia – where WAG-life truthfully is really nothing like it is over in the UK; a status, a coveted role I guess – you still find girls that love to be their sportsman’s WAG. And that’s cool. Good for them.

But it’s never been me. I just happened to meet and marry a sportsman.

Sure, for the initial years, when we didn’t have children and were free to roam, it was fun to have an excuse to get up and travel the world. We’ve done some fabulous travelling thanks to football – we’ve seen lots of Australia and living in Holland for two years meant we were lucky enough to experience Europe too. Properly.

When I first met my husband, I was at Uni studying media. Following him around the world was not even remotely on the cards. I mean. I had shit to do. Ladders to climb. A career to concentrate on.

But things don’t always work out the way you plan.

12 years later, we are leaving a city we’ve called home for the last three years. And sure, while we’ve left cities before, I think this move feels the saddest. Not because I don’t feel like we’ll make another place home – we have before, we will again – but this city was the only real home my children have known, you know, really, consciously known. The last three years saw my biggest girl at the same pre-school, with the same teachers that she’s grown to love like family. They’ve cuddled her when she’s cried, they’ve laughed at her jokes, they’ve made her feel loved and safe. They knew her, they know her, inside and out.

Yesterday, I got a message from one of her teachers. It broke my heart.

And I stopped for a second, tears in my eyes and thought: we are saying Goodbye again. And now my biggest girl is old enough to realise that she’s saying Goodbye too.

Our life, well, it’s given us many blessings. We’ve met some amazing people everywhere we’ve lived – friends we’ll have forever. There have been moments that have touched our hearts and moments, like when we say goodbye, that have broken them.

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