Saying Goodbye to The Proudmans


I have to admit, until last night, there wasn’t a doubt in my mind that Offspring would continue on.

After all, how couldn’t it? It was the World’s Greatest Television Program.

Now admittedly, I’ve been a little critical of it this year. There were many aspects of this season that were beyond depressing for me. I saw stuff that – despite the show being fictional – I couldn’t unsee. Stuff I couldn’t un-feel. Stuff that really weighed on my mind to the point of Stop! I ‘ve cried all the tears! I’ve had a long day – I don’t need to feel like this about a fictional family and fictional heartbreaks and fictional tragedies and fictional deaths and ALL THE FICTION.

Wasn’t real life tough enough, sometimes?

But despite being frustrated with certain story lines this season, I knew, deep down, it was but a mere tiff. A Lovers Tiff, if you will. Offspring and I were just having relationship issues - we simply didn’t see eye-to-eye in certain areas. But I always loved it – it always had my heart. And I knew that no matter how dark it became, I would always watch it, despite my threats to cheat on it with one of my Real Housewives recordings.

We had an unconditional love, Offspring and I.

But yesterday’s finale hit me like a tonne of bricks. And I realised, through my tears of joy, while watching all the characters get their grand, beautiful happy ending, that Offspring and I were no longer.

Of course, it’s not official yet. It’s conclusion hasn’t been formally announced. But we Offspring aficionado’s know.

It wasn’t Debra Oswald’s (Offspring writer and creator) Twitter fan chat filled with tweets of gratitude and appreciation that gave it away, nor was it writer Michael Lucas’ reflective post on Em Rusciano’s blog. It was simply that for first time in five years, the season finale left The Proudmans with the lives we all hoped and dreamed for them since day one.

The Proudmans are all okay.

And it ended with a camera. The way it begun.

Offspring camera from it's opening credits

Offspring camera from it’s opening credits

The way it all ended - with a  photo of the gang

The way it all ended – with a happy snap of the characters we so fell in love with

People that don’t watch Offspring often ask me why I love it so much – why I feel so connected to it. And all I can ever say in response is that the show, the characters, the cast, the writing… just spoke to me.

It was – and still is – unlike any other television series I had loved in the past. And even while writing this, I still can’t find the words to fully describe it.

Maybe the below quote from writer Michael Lucas can make the ‘Offspring effect’ on me – and the many other devoted fans of the show – clearer to those that didn’t live it. On writing the death of Patrick, he says:

“We had poured more into that storyline that any other. All of us had shared our own memories of grief. We’d cried plotting it, shooting it, editing it. It was like half a year of fictional grieving. The first time I saw the episode cut together, I actually woke myself up in the middle of the night, crying.”

The passion behind the series was abundantly clear – it was television perfection. Without going into the superficial side of Offspring (I could devote a whole BLOG SITE to the fashion and interiors) the dedication from the writers and actors just shone. SHONE. We believed them, we loved them, we sympathised with them, we empathised with them, we got angry with them, we got sad with them, but above all, we wanted nothing but happiness and love and contentment for each and every one of them.


So are we ready to let Offspring go?

To answer this, we have to first acknowledge that it is, in fact, fiction. Regardless of how connected we feel to these characters, they aren’t real. The ending, and the way we remember them, can actually be made up. The characters we all fell in love with can be given an amazing send off, leaving us with the most incredible memories.

Going out on a high, as they say.

Unlike other shows that have desperately clung to dear life – running out of ideas, story lines, unrealistic tragedies, making it almost unbearable to watch (cue Gossip Girl – of course not on the same level as Offspring but I loved it and by it’s conclusion I was happy to see the back of it) – the writers have seemingly chosen to wrap up what was a magnificent experience – for them and us – with a beautiful little bow. With no questions left unanswered.

Nina’s found a good man – one we all approve of which was bound to be hard after Patrick.

Billie and Mick are back together – the way it should be.

Darcy and Geraldine are back in the sack – where they belong.

Martin and his planned tambourine commune consisting of Sheree, Darcy, Ray, Kim, Jess and ALL THE BABIES will soon live in two houses with an adjoining bridge. When he can afford it

Zara and Jimmy and their little boys are happy and healthy

Ange possibly found love with Elvis

Phillip Noonan is unexpectedly about to become a father (random revelation)

… and Lawrence was blind drunk which made me happier than when he said the F word.

My mind says…

Offspring can’t end! What will we DO WITHOUT IT?

My heart says…

It’s time to say Goodbye to The Proudmans.

And on behalf of myself and all the other crazed Offspring fans out there, I want to say a huge THANK YOU to all involved in creating such a wonderful show. You touched our hearts in a way we’ll never forget.

You have fans in us forever and ever.


What did you think of last night’s finale? Do you think Offspring could continue and still be magnificent (of course it could, right?)

All comments read, appreciated and responded to. So thank you x
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