Shopping and saving is an art


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If you ask my hubby, he’ll tell you I’m a spendthrift.

Our conversations often go like this:

“Is that top new?”

Far out! I thought scrunching and hiding my new purchases in my tote/under the pram/in my shoes/in my bra when I walked in the house would mean he wouldn’t notice them!

“I got it on sale”, I would predictably reply.

“Where from?” He would persist.

“I can’t remember”, I would mumble, walking away.

Brand names would be then spoken of, I would assure him (unconvincingly) it was 80% off and it would all end the same way.

“Stop spending money!”

Admittedly, as I’ve gotten older, these moments have become fewer because kids and budget and bills… but also because I’ve found better, smarter and savvier ways of spending money, without compromising on quality.

Coupons. God I love coupons.

You see, I’ve never been one to skimp. I’m just of the mindset that if you can’t afford something decent, don’t buy it, visit it or eat it to begin with.

Like so:

- I’d rather have one beautiful piece of clothing than 10 shitty ones.

- When we go on holidays, we make sure we can afford to actually do things like eat out and go on activities while still having a little left over for luxuries. Otherwise we ditch the vacay altogether.

- When we eat out, we make sure it’s at somewhere decent to prevent any of us eating roadkill disguised as a sirloin steak.

The introduction of coupons have made shopping and saving money almost guilt free. Websites like Shop A Docket have coupons for everything to make your life cheaper and more fabulous! You will find high-quality bargain accommodation, food vouchers, hair services, gym memberships, dentistry and even tax accountants with a coupon likely listed in an Aussie city near you – almost nullifying the concept of ever paying full price again.

I love nice things. But I also love paying for them at a fraction of the price. Because everyone works hard for their money and it needs to be spent effectively, right? Without sacrificing on quality of life. That’s the goal.

So print those coupons guys and gals! And use on the things you need (like carpet cleaning) and things you want (like fancy dinners) and enjoy!

Do you use coupons or dockets? What are some savvy ways of using them?

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