So, Offspring. I’m heartbroken


No joke, I am insane. I have to be. Or not.

When Patrick died last night on Offspring, I was sobbing. Sobbing with such emotion like it was… real.

A show has never touched me like this. And while its a credit to the cast and writers of this wonderful show, the latter are responsible for the death of one of our faves. And for this we shall not forgive!

Here’s why:

- The last few weeks have seen Nina and Patrick be, well, perfect. They have had such a beautiful and realistic love story and it finally got to the point where they truly understood each other. How can we forget “I choose you”. *sobs*

- Last nights episode saw Patrick be, well, perfect. I have re-wound the discussion in the car (before he starts slurring) over and over again in my head when they say to each other “I can’t wait till the baby is born.”

- Dr Patrick Reid was a very special, good hearted man. We saw him go through his own heartache, saw him battle demons… and saw him fall in love completely despite all of this. We saw him become a Proudman.

- Did he have to die? Here’s the rationale according to the show’s creators

Nina and Patrick were now so committed to one another, that him leaving her was neither logical nor original.”

I beg to differ peeps. It was only a few weeks ago that Patrick was getting a little bit cray-cray and nervous about the imminent birth of his child. Couldn’t he just go off the rails again somehow? The drugs? The addiction? Couldn’t we see him just disappear damn it?

- Offspring is a show that makes me happy. Of course it hasn’t all been sunshine, lollypops and rainbows but as a whole its been beautiful TV. I get that “mortality” is also a part of life but do show’s like this have to be so damn realistic? I just don’t think Offspring is a ‘death’ kind of show and because I (and so many other Australians) am so emotionally invested, I feel like last night we lost more than just a fictional character in Patrick. And as I write this I feel a little crazy.


Patrick died and we have to accept it. And as many as you say you are going to boycott the show because of it you won’t. We won’t. Because we love it – the Proudman’s are in our hearts forever. Even though the producers have severely ticked us off.


On another note, what I found really interesting was after the show, when all the post-death interviews with the show’s creators started rolling out, Edwards and Banks blasted Channel 10 for promo-ing the death in the way they did.

Edwards, who is arguably the country’s most prolific and successful drama producer, damns the network’s promotion of last night’s episode.

“It would have come as a surprise if it hadn’t been promo-ed,” says Edwards. “The intention was it would be completely surprising and shocking. Unfortunately, that’s been taken out of our hands.

“I think the fact that a guessing game is being encouraged is very, very unfortunate. I’ve been involved six times in series where we’ve done a similar thing. This is the first time it’s been promoted like this. I can only say that I think it’s extremely disappointing and not something we are happy with at all.”

I always thought that the Offspring team would have a huge say as to how the episode/season was promoted – and so I assumed it was them that took our hearts and squished them around like little stress balls since Offspring first aired. Nina’s illusions made for perfect marketing material in teasing the viewer with something that may or may not happen in episodes to come.

But the death promo was teasing on another level – some of us hoped it was Nina’s crazy mind, others speculated and tried to collect clues but overall it sent the entire Offspring population into an emotional frenzy.

I agree with Edwards – it shouldn’t have been promoted this way. It should have been a surprise. It would have been far more real as a surprise.

But either way, our hearts are broken. And there won’t be a chance of healing until the season well and truly finishes.

RIP Dr Patrick Reid. We will miss you.



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