Sports Journo Ray Gatt’s famous Spinach Anchovy Pie


Not long ago, Ray Gatt (who – judging by his twitter pics – seems to be the Jamie Oliver of Australian Football) posted a photo of a freshly made Spinach Pie that he was going to “tuck into” that night.

And what can only be described as a twitter frenzy that followed the posting of this pie – golden brown in colour, fresh out of the oven – I knew I had to have it. The recipe, that is.

By having the recipe, I figured, I could do a service to Ray’s followers. I could be the guinea pig for what *looked* like a great recipe.

But you don’t really know until you try it right?

It could have gone either way.

Despite Ray’s insistence that the Spinach, Anchovy and Olive Pie in question was simply to die for, could we really take Ray’s word for it?

Jeez, I’ve taken Nigella’s word for it a few times only to leave me with a sour taste in my mouth. Literally.

So Ray. The pressure was on. Not just from me, but from your adoring followers, who praised you for the creation we could only visually see, not taste.

The Result

The first thing I noticed about the recipe when Ray kindly shared was that it was delightfully simple. There were only a few ingredients and it looked pretty straight forward.

And it was.

It was easy as pie, pardon the pun.

And how did it taste?

DELICIOUS! In fact I have made it 3 times since the first –  I loved it that much.

The four main ingredients being Spinach, Anchovies, Olives and Onions more than generate enough flavour for the pie. I was even considering adding some creamy danish feta for a “spanakopita” kind of feel but decided against it. Although I may try it next time.

The store-bought Puff pastry stays firm on the bottom – even without blind baking – and yummy and crispy at the top (and I used reduced fat to lighten it up a little)

The BEST thing about this recipe is that it is quick and effective. Not to mention relatively healthy if you use the light pastry.

It is something you can eat warm or cold, and just have in the fridge for snacks or as a light lunch accompanied with some salad.

I did tweak it a bit though…

Ray says to use anchovies to taste and suggested 5-6 but because I am a compulsive over-salter (or as I like to call myself “salt tolerant” – it sounds better) I added the whole jar – 85g.

Same goes with the olives. Ray suggests a big handful but I am pretty sure I got close to two. Perhaps be conservative for the first pie or even try the mixture before you place it in the pie and listen to your taste buds.

I used Silverbeet rather than spinach and I used most of the stalks.

Get on with it, you say? Ok, here it is.

Spinach, Anchovy and Olive Pie – By Ray Gatt (stolen from Mrs Gatt, his Mamma)


1 medium onion (sliced finely)

1 big handful chopped kalamata olives

5-6 chopped anchovies (from the jar, in olive oil)

4 sheets of thawed puff pastry (but it depends on your tray. I used a long rectangle one)

1 egg beaten

1 big bunch of silverbeet, stalks included


Saute onions and allow to cool.

Chop olives and anchovies and mix with onions.

Chop silverbeet and wash after chopped so your green friend is sparking clean.

Boil silverbeet until tender and allow to cool.

When cool, squeeze as much of the water out as you can.

Mix silverbeet into the anchovy mixture and place aside.


Spray your baking tray with some olive oil spray and line the bottom of your tray with thawed puff pastry making sure all sides are covered.

Spoon the mixture on top and spread it to cover most of the pastry.

inside pie

Use the remaining Puff Pastry to cover the mixture.

Use a fork dipped in egg to seal the pie all around, then brush the top of the pie with egg.

Use a sharp knife to cut a diagonal pattern over top of pie, piercing a few holes to allow steam to escape.

Bake 20-25 minutes until top is golden.

And there you have it!

Ray Gatt’s Spinach pie totally lived up to the hype!

And judging by the amount of times I have made it so far, it looks like its a recipe here to stay in my household.

So give it a try and… Enjoy!

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