Squealing with delight at coupons (Plus a PRIZE!)

The Chloe Marcie. An amazing bag but it's a mess magnet

The Chloe Marcie. An amazing bag but it’s a mess magnet


*This post is a collaboration with Shop A Docket*

How many times have you squealed with delight at the sight of a coupon, put it in one of those ‘safe’ places in your HUGE bag (you know, one of those ‘little pockets’ that stores all your lip balms, spare change, and Panadol etc) and then… lost it.

Your Shop A Docket just… disappears.

And you’re devastated. Because you were totally due to get your carpet cleaning done and you found a 50% off special on your Coles Shop A Docket that presented itself at the right time for a change.

So you either blame your (terribly organised) bag or it’s just one big mystery. Or it’s that typical stroke of bad luck. The type of bad luck that also involves buying something at full price only for it to be on the clearance rack the next day.

Either way, you’re now paying full price on your carpet.  #DamnBag

But recently, I’ve discovered something wonderful. Something that made me squeal with delight once again.

You can print off Shop A Dockets!

With the simple click of a button, you can peruse and print ALL THE COUPONS.

And you know what that means… no more itty bitty piece of paper required.


Some people are great at storing coupons. In America, I think they call it ‘Couponing’. They have folders and clear slips and binders and stickers and post-it notes and calendars and shopping lists and to-do lists and need-fixing lists and luxury lists and essentials lists and all the lists to make sure they coupon efficiently (sounds exhausting to me). There was even an episode of the Kardashians when Kourtney was ‘Couponing’. Of course this completely stunk of a publicity stunt in order to show the world how down to earth they are. #Whatevs

But seriously, who can actually say ‘No’ to saving money? Perhaps the Kardashian’s do use coupons. Because money is money, right?

Now, to the best part of this post. THE PRIZE.

The amazing folk at Shop A Docket are giving away a $100 Coles voucher and it can be YOURS. All you need to do is upload your favourite coupon in the comments section and and tell me WHY it makes you squeal with delight.

The best coupon and answer wins $100 worth of groceries on us! Entries close 25th July.

Now what are you waiting for? GO!

26th July, 2014

I loved all the entries and thank you all so much for entering!
A HUGE congrats goes to Jessie for her bowling coupon – it is most definitely a bargain and I’m sure you’ll save a bucketload taking your 12 kids! Have a terrific time! If you could please email me your address details via the Find Me page on this site, the good folks at Shop A Docket will get your voucher out to you.

Happy shopping!

All comments read, appreciated and responded to. So thank you x
  • Mirkm

    Our next family holiday is all planned for beautiful QLD.
    With three young children we want to provide as much fun, busy days and magic memories as we can….and within our budget.
    So WOOHOO! for coming across this dreamworld coupon, while I’m delighted at the savings this coupon allows my family, it won’t be much longer before my children are screaming in excitement and roller coaster terror.
    Happy days.

    • http://www.mammasvida.com.au/ Kat Caravella – Mamma’s Vida

      That Queenland holiday sounds amazing!!! Hope you have an incredible time and thanks so much for your entry :)

  • Adriana

    Love shopper dockets! My favourite are the Baskin Robbins or Donut King! It’s a good reason to treat ourselves to a sweet! I’ll be using this one soon!

  • Adriana

    Love mine! Here it is

    • http://www.mammasvida.com.au/ Kat Caravella – Mamma’s Vida

      Thanks so much Adriana – can you upload your docket? Oh, and I LOOOOVE Baskin Robbins, my fave!

  • Jessie Hay

    It’s not only me squealing with delight at this but my 5 school-aged kids as well! (who squeal louder than me lol) With 8 kids at home and 12 kids all up we are always on the lookout for ways to have fun family outings without breaking the budget. With this fabulous little Shop A Docket hubby or I can take all 5 of them bowling for less than $40 and save $18!

    • Jessie Hay

      Weird, all I can see is a cross but if you click it then it takes you to a pic :)

    • http://www.mammasvida.com.au/ Kat Caravella – Mamma’s Vida

      Oh wow! 12 kiddies must mean a pretty busy life for you – what a gorgeously huge family! I imagine saving money would be a priority (because kids are EXPENSIVE!) and so thank you for your entry and I can see how that coupon would make a family day out much more affordable! :)

  • Carmsie

    Ooh.. I just got a chance to enter this comp & it’s closed!! For what it’s worth there’s nothing better than a buy a movie ticket get one free.. At palace cinema.. So I get to catch up on all my foreign indi movies which I don’t get to watch anymore since abc 4 kids & afl took over our TV. Guilt-free leisure time w friend (for free)

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