The many moon friend


Lately I have been thinking a lot about friendship.

I have had the majority of my friends for many moons and they know me warts and all and love me because of them – and vice versa.

I love my many moon friends because they offer me so much in a friendship. They (begrudgingly) understand and accept my flaws but love my qualities. They support and praise my achievements but also aren’t afraid to tell me when I am being an arse.

I love the honesty and acceptance of many moon friends as much as I love the comfortability that can sometimes add a little fire to the mix…

“Err, those Jeans make your arse look massive” or “Its not about you. Its not always about you” or “F*ck off I am not in the mood for this” or “I don’t know how he puts up with your shit” or “Brush your hair at least” *

I have had many a conversation with various of my many moon friends about this. They too feel there is something special about the friends you grew up with or have known for many a moon – as opposed to those you meet as an older and wiser fart. Once you are older and wiser**, you look for different qualities in friends and probably become a little pickier simply  because time is far less luxurious. You don’t have hours to talk about nothing on the phone like you did with your many moon friends back in the day. You don’t prank call random young guys with “for sale” signs on their hotted up cars *** and hence can’t reminisce about “how stupid you were” back then. There is something special about your many moon friends.

And sometimes – if rarely – you meet a friend that you didn’t meet many moons ago but you feel like they could have slotted into the gang quite nicely. The friends you have an instant bond with where they don’t judge you and love you like they have been in your life forever. They are the friends that you know straight away are good, good people that want the best for you and you just “connect”. I have a few of those friends and they are just as special to me as the ones I have known for many moons.

So here’s a toast to real friendship and the highs, lows, laughs, tears, frustration, happiness and most of all, contentment it brings to our lives.

How do you see friendship? 

* I may have been either the recipient or the bearer of these comments
** Wiser is questionable but one would hope so
*** I may or may not have been the instigator of such ridiculous situations

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