The most simplistic piece on Feminism you’ll ever read


Last week Emma Watson, uber famous for playing Hermoine in the Harry Potter films, launched HeForShe -  A Solidarity Movement for Gender Equality.

And so she gave a speech at the UN. It was passionate and it was genuine and it was emotive and it spoke about feminism in a relatable way. And unlike so many other feminist efforts, it tried to get the boys on board. After all, as we sometimes forget, many of them are on our side.

But her efforts seemingly aren’t enough for some ‘feminists’. Calling her movement ‘game-changing’ is utter rubbish, they cried! Really, truly, change the game, they challenged! Emma Watson, they shrieked, you just aren’t feminist enough for us!

So I thought I’d write a simplistic, ill-researched, winging-it piece on what feminism is to me. Why I see myself as a feminist, and how there are no rules to break in my world full of choice and freedom to be. Just be. Whoever the hell I want.

I am a feminist because even though I cook and clean and look after my family as a predominantly stay at home Mum, I choose to do it. My husband and I support all the decisions we make as a team and if I chose to go work full time in any capacity, we would have each others back. #Feminism

I am a feminist because I believe in equal pay for equal work and will always fight for this cause because they are basic human rights. And let’s be honest, sometimes we gals do a better job #Feminism

I am still a feminist despite the fact that I enjoy, yet do not expect, chivalry in my relationship. I will not get offended if you open the door for me, I will not get offended if you help me with a heavy box up the stairs and I will not get offended if you buy me dinner. But I WILL get offended if you tell me I’m good at my job as I’m an attractive woman because that’s not why I’m good at my job, arsehole. #Feminism

I am a feminist because I know my place in the world and that is as a human being that is equal to another of the opposite sex. I do not change the way I naturally want to behave because I am a woman, I do not succumb to gender stereotypes because I feel like I have to. And just because I enjoy baking cupcakes with my kids, it doesn’t make me a bad feminist. It makes me a Mum that likes to bake. #Feminism

I am a feminist because I believe we were ready, and still are, for a female Prime Minister. Why the hell not? #Feminism

But most of all

I am a feminist because in a country where every human being is free to be who they are (aside from gay marriage, let’s get that shit fixed) I choose the way I want to live my life. The law doesn’t prevent me from voting. I can dress how I like, when I like. For the most part, I am not treated like a lesser human being because of my gender. Of course there are idiots that are an exception therefore #sexism and of course there have been times where I’ve felt I have had to work harder for respect because I am a woman. I know this is downright shitty and unfair and we have a long way to go to change mindset and perception but I believe we will get there. #Feminism

In my simplistic opinion…

Tearing any Gender Equality movement down is counterproductive to the cause, and without downplaying other activists that don’t share the same star status, the voice of Emma Watson is simply huge. Her reach is mammoth. Her speaking out can only move us, as women, as equals, forward in the world.

You aren’t more of a feminist than her because you believe her movement is rubbish. You can’t tell us what is feminism. You can’t tell us how to be feminists.

Because Feminism doesn’t have a set of rules. And in the tweeting words of a very wise gal, it’s the feminist door bitches that give the word a bad rap.

True that.

What does Feminism mean to you? Do you think there is such thing as a ‘Feminism Door Bitch?’

All comments read, appreciated and responded to. So thank you x
  • John James

    I thought her speech was brilliant. It was simple, real, and inclusive.

    • Kat Caravella – Mamma’s Vida

      Agreed – inclusive being so very important.

  • Pinky Poinker

    Yes I do! Great post Kat :)

    • Kat Caravella – Mamma’s Vida

      Thank you xx

  • Renee Cameron

    It really, really annoys me when some feminists are dismissive of stay at home mums – they are denigrating the role of a mother, how the fark is that feminism? One feminist is also on twitter constantly ranting about how oppressive marriage is and having snide remarks at women who are, it makes me crazy! Anyway, I enjoyed your article – very glad you wrote it.

    • Kat Caravella – Mamma’s Vida

      Hi Renee, I’m so sorry i’ve only just seen your comment!
      I completely agree, how rude of some to discount a place a SAHM Mum has in our world. It’s a beautiful thing. I also know of a ‘feminist’ on twitter ranting about marriage, she once said it’s degrading to call yourself a wife. So ANNOYING. Probably the same feminist!

  • Christmas World AU

    Hello mummy! Great post. I am a big fan of this girl and became an even bigger fan after she delivered this speech. She has a lot of fans here in the North Pole.

    With lots of love from the North Pole,
    Elfie, Leader of the Elves at Christmas World

    • Kat Caravella – Mamma’s Vida

      Hi Elfie! Thank you for reading. Hope it’s not too busy for you all up there :)

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