The No-Make-Up movement gone viral


Alicia Keys.

Stunning. Gorgeous. Natural.

Genetically gifted.

The reality is, it’s not difficult to try start a revolution encouraging women to be their real selves if you look like Alicia Keys. I mean. She’s pretty damn stunning.

But truthfully, as big a fan I am of Alicia (seriously, I adore her), these anti-make up movements annoy the crap out of me. Can’t we all just be without turning everything into a journey?

Look I’d love to wake up each day, pop on some moisturiser and look like Alicia Keys. But to be my best self, to really feel together I need something that’s going to colour the real, genuine tiredness away. I need something that’s going to artificially kiss my cheeks with sun so I look fresher than I feel. Which is often not fresh, yo.

Call me superficial but wearing a bit of make-up makes me a better me. 

By no means do I cake the make-up on – I am pretty simple and low maintenance as far as my daily face goes. But don’t get it twisted – I do love smokey eyes on the rare occasion I’m out at night and I take great care with making them look just right.

And guess what? Believe it or not, I’m still me. Make up on or off.

Alicia Keys is divine. She’s got cheekbones women pay big bucks for; beautiful white (and impossibly straight) teeth that light up her whole make-up-free face when she smiles and lovely skin that glows and so of course she is the perfect poster girl for natural beauty.

But the make-up-free revolution she is trying to impress on the world is counterproductive when 99.9% of women don’t look like her and actually feel better with a bit of coverage for their blemished skin, colour for their pale cheeks or concealer for their tired eyes.

Look. If AK wants to be free of make up for this journey of hers (these days it’s all a journey… life is a journey, blah blah blah) it doesn’t mean make-up fiends like us are any less free to be ourselves. It just means being us is being how we want to be.

Just do you, boo. I guess that’s my point.

All comments read, appreciated and responded to. So thank you x
  • Pinky Poinker

    The only day I don’t wear makeup is Sunday. I look patchy and pale without it. As you say, we aren’t all blessed with perfect looks.

    • Kat Caravella – Mamma’s Vida

      Pinky! I have become so slack with my replies. Yes exactly – I love make up. But I think the point is to just do you x

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