The week that was : My raves and rants


So it’s Saturday afternoon and I am being sooky because cold.

No, I’m not actually cold. It’s 26 degrees or something like that. But I have a cold. Or perhaps influenza. And it was given to me by Sienna who I’m sure picked it up off a sick child at Pre-School. Which brings me to Rant Numero Uno.

Where do you draw the line at sending your sick kids to school?

My friend’s Boss is a Head Honcho. She’s a VP in television production and she has a small child.

When her child gets sent home because sick, according to my friend, she goes ballistic.

After all, she has important work to do! Who cares about the health of the other kids and their parents when they too contract her child’s disease!

Barking coughs and fluoro noses are my other favourites. I mean. Who doesn’t want to exchange a bit of that in the playground?

Leave your kids at home people! Or if you must go out, take them to a park with no one else present!

Side note: I get that people need to work and therefore must have their sick kids in school. And even while I write this I wonder if I am being unreasonable. But as the only thing that will get down my throat at the moment with ease is a soggy biscuit dipped in tea, then I reiterate: leave your kids at home! Because sick!


Conscious Uncoupling. Give me a break.

What is actually wrong with the word separate? Isn’t it the exact same thing as ‘conscious uncoupling’?

When Gwyneth Paltrow announced her conscious uncoupling from Chris Martin, I have to say, I kind of just went meh. I’ve never really warmed to her or her brain activating exercises and diet obsessions (even though she looks great so its obviously working). But the conscious uncoupling term baffled me. And then annoyed me. And while I’m not an expert on the world of therapy and positive affirmations etc etc, could all these new, modern terms be designed just to sell books? Isn’t the meaning the same – that you have separated from your significant other?

And for there to be conscious uncoupling - what is the opposite? Unconscious uncoupling? Good grief, I hope there aren’t too many people getting divorced while totes out of it. Now that would be weird.

Side note: I actually have more empathy for Gwyn and Chris’ divorce than I sound. It’s sad for any couple to divorce, especially when they have children. I just don’t get the lingo behind the announcement but if you can shed some light on it I would be more than happy to listen. Also, I’m extra annoyed because I’m sick. I don’t know if I mentioned that.


I donated three bags of clothes this week.

So I had a mini meltdown last week as I just felt so meh. I knew I needed a closet overhaul so I donated  3 garbage bags of clothes – many of which I currently wear regularly. Why would I do that, you ask? Because the clothes I’m comfortable with are the reason I feel meh. Too comfortable is no good. Time to get some spunk back.

Side note: This is fantastic news for me but not such fantastic news for my husband, who is yet to understand what an overhaul involves. Hint: It means that considerable funds will be imminently spent to restock. Soz.

Natalie Barr. For goodness sakes

So Sunrise newsreader Natalie Barr recently said something to the effect of women hate men and are using sexism as the reason they aren’t getting ahead in their career. She said that because she didn’t experience sexism that its possibly not as prevalent as we think and that women should look in the mirror at their own abilities.

What a crock.

Not only did the article lack any diplomacy but it was dogmatic and ignorant. Sexism does exist and just because it didn’t happen to her, it is dangerous to minimise others’ experience in the workplace.

You can read it (and weep) here


Shepherd Avocados are in season

… and they rock my world. That is all.

On this day of sicky poo I decided to toilet train my littlest

So not only am I sick, but I’m silly. But I figured because I am rarely at home for full days, I should make the most of it while sick and get it over with so I can say bye bye to nappies forever!

And so far, we’ve had a wee. It was a great moment.


So! There are my rants and raves (sorry if the rants outweighed the raves but I don’t know if I’ve mentioned that I’m sick)

Now it’s your turn! What rocked or ruined your world this week?

  • Pinky Poinker

    Oh yes soggy biscuits dipped in tea are perfect for colds. As a teacher I feel extremely sorry for the poor little mites sent to school when they’re sick. I let them go and lay down in sick bay or in a quiet corner in the classroom if their parents can’t come and get them. It’s such a shame the office staff can’t administer Panadol or something. Gwyneth is extremely out of touch with any form of reality!

    • Mamma’s Vida

      Soggy biscuits are my fave – especially Monte Carlos. Yum!
      I imagine you would see plenty of sick kids! They used to be able to administer panadol, didn’t they – what a shame they can’t now.
      You’ve nailed it re Gwyn – just completely out of touch. #ConsciousUncoupling

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