Things I’ve learned in my great absence


So it’s been a while since I last made a bloggy appearance, mainly because of the great rigours of moving but also because my sole form of internet has been 3G and I have totally the best luck with 3G reception. NOT. Bad service just seems to FOLLOW ME. Or I follow IT. Either way, I’m getting pretty sick of the single little circle/bar on my phone indicating that NO, I NOT WORK HERE (said in a thick Italian accent, for effect)

Anyway, like always, I digress. Because as the title suggests, I’m here to fill you in on all the things I’ve learned in my absence from this blog. And there have been a few.

1. No matter how much you move states or houses it does not get any easier. Sure, your box-taping skills might now be sublime (and what a skill to have… not) but the sorting and bubble wrapping and the WHAT THE HELL DO I DO WITH THIS mental drainage just does not, will not, ever be a breeze. In fact, I reckon I’ve gotten worse with every move. Because I’ve just realised I’ve forgotten to open an electricity account at our new address so any minute the modem I’ve only just re-connected with might actually die…

2. Sometimes, and particularly when I’m running on half a brain, my children are smarter than me. They’re constantly reminding me to take their water bottles before we go out, they’ve corrected me when I tell them to take their pyjamas off instead of their clothes for a bath (they’re not pyjamas Mamma, they’re clothes!) and just now, Miss 2 just told me she coughed not sneezed and I don’t have to say ‘Bless you’. Alrighty then.

3. Ebola and The Media make for a match made in hell. On the day of he Great Cairns Ebola Scare, my biggest girl had severe food poisoning to the point of get her to a hospital. Knowing the Ebola scare was at Cairns Base Public, I immediately thought to take her to emergency at Cairns Private, since we are private patients and all (hey – we should use the dang benefits we pay for, right?)

But it wasn’t to be. Cairns Private does not have an emergency ward and I was forced to take my sick little girl to Cairns Base, Ebola and all. And before you tell me it is extremely unlikely to catch Ebola unless someone infected vomits on you, I know this now. But at the time, every radio station, television channel, newspaper, Facebook feed and twitter update contained the words EBOLA and CAIRNS and really, being even close to it just scared the life out of me.

The good news is, my little girl is now okay and the nurse they tested for Ebola is not infected. #winning

4. Backyards are a joy. After living in a furnished apartment in Cairns while we looked for a house to buy, you know, one we were going to settle in because the football caper had finished (or so we thought), I’ve just been reminded that there is nothing more lovely than a backyard for your kids to just play/laugh/get dirty/get out of your hair.

As fate would have it, we bought our Cairns house right before we moved back to Newcastle. #GoFigure. It has a backyard and so does our Newcastle rental. And as I write this, my littlest girl is running around in the glorious Newy sun #priceless

5. Speaking of furnished apartments, where has the word ‘service’ gone in Customer Service? We had the most unpleasant experience in our Cairns rental and while I’d LOVE to name and shame, I’m not the malicious type and this fact actually annoys me because they deserve to be named and shamed and named and bloody shamed. Hopefully they’ll read this because lord knows they’ve received a million emails from me with my signature and web address and if so you are reading this, you’ll be hearing from me. Again. You AND your live mold. Yes, you read that right.

6. You can get through anything – everything – with love and support and the most incredible family and friends. You know when life kicks you in the arse? And things are just so hard and sad and almost… unbearable? Well, that’s when you feel the power of warm, sincere, genuine cuddles the most. And sometimes they are metaphorical cuddles because some people can’t physically be there, but you know they are. And you just feel, you just know, that everything will be… okay. Ah, the power of love. It’s true. So true.

So what do you think? Have you learned anything of note in my absence, peeps?

All comments read, appreciated and responded to. So thank you x
  • Snoskred

    Well, I don’t know if it counts as learning, but I’ve been enjoying the return of tv shows like The Walking Dead and Scandal. :) And I have to say I was really shocked that TWD is as great as it has been for the first three episodes – please do not let my saying that jinx things.. pretty please! :)

    Lovely to see you back, will you be NaBloPoMo-ing? :)

    • Kat Caravella – Mamma’s Vida

      I don’t watch either of those shows but I’ve heard they are fab. Unfortunately for me, my tastes at the moment go from trash tv to even trashier tv! Brain dead tele is my bag these days ;)
      I didn’t even know what NaBloPoMo was until you just asked but now that I’ve done some googling I WOULD LOVE TO but will not hold my breath. I’m so time poor these days! But if you are I will TOTALLY read them all :)

  • Pinky Poinker

    I hope you liked North Qld a bit while you were here Kat. It seems like you only just arrived! Although I’m sure it seems like that even more so to you :)

    • Kat Caravella – Mamma’s Vida

      Oh I love FNQ! My hubs family is from there and my sister lives there so it’s kind of home now. Also – we bought a house so we will be returning! We are only away temporarily for the football caper. We must still do our FNQ cocktail xx

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