Things that make me go ‘mmmm’


So recently, Pinky Poinker of the famous blog bearing the same name nominated me for the ‘One Lovely Blog’ award and I have to say, I’m touched. As I always am when I get nominated for these things because it means I’m doing something bloody right. Right?

Anyway. So the original prompt required me to share seven things you didn’t know about me but I’ve done that a million times and I’m pretty sure you are sick of hearing about things you don’t know about me to the point where you probably know it bloody all.

I guess Pinky felt the same way so she amended her post to reflect seven dating disasters which was hilarious as always (she’s a funny one, that Pinky).

But I’m here to change it again – partly because I don’t want to share my dating disasters but mostly because I’m an old bag and can’t remember too much from those days.

So I’m going to tell you seven things that make me go mmmmm. Things that make my taste buds go wild or eyes pop out of their sockets or things that simply…rock it. Yeah rock it.

Here goes.

Avocado with sea salt. Any way. Any shape. Any form

This is number one because I just ate it on rye for lunch and it was just the best lunch ever. I guess it being the perfect ripeness helped because raw or rotten avocado sucks balls really bad.

Oh. There is one way I HATE avocado and it’s in pasta or on a pizza (unless it’s added AFTER baking. Hot or toasted or cooked avocado is NOT GOOD.


Rustic white floorboards

This is also at the top of my list because we are soon renovating and wooden white floorboards just make my heart go all warm and fuzzy. Okay, probably wrong choice of words but I love them and they will be in my house, don’t get that shit twisted, yo.


Iggy Azalea

Look I’ve always been into rap (but more commercial-sell-out-rap), and the other day I bought the latest Iggy Azalea album on a whim (and on a CD because I’m ancient) and I love it. I’m rappin’ in my Mamma Bear 4WD using all the F-words, all the while thanking Jesus that the I-G-G-Y raps way too fast for my littlies to repeat that shiiiiz. For now, anyway.


And I’ll have it in a bucket. That is all.

Anything that makes me organised. Apps. Diaries. Stationary. Anything

Because organisation is but a dream of mine that only sometimes is realised. Often I live in organised chaos. At the moment I live in disorganised chaos and it’s NOT HOT and I’ll buy ANYTHING to get me on track. Not that I’ll use it. Because #disorganised



Enough said.

Fresh Chilli

I will have it on my eggs, in my ham toastie, on my pizza, in my pasta, on my avocado, in my salads, in my oil, anywhere and everywhere without hesitation.

Dear café or restaurant – chilli flakes insult me.

Now, for my nominations…

I’m going to nominate two of my faves, both friends and hilarious, talented writers.

One writes a fabulous blog about her three loves – her kids, her hubby and her career as a teacher. You can find her at Teacher Versus Mum – Survival of the Fittest

The other is a kinda blogging newbie but she’s awesome and honest and quite regularly makes me LOL and LOL. She writes at a blog dedicated to her and her football family (with hubby, Ex premier-league footballer and A-League legend Michael Bridges) and you can find her at Building Bridges Online

So there you have it…

What are things that make you go ‘mmmmm’?

All comments read, appreciated and responded to. So thank you x
  • Nicole McLachlan

    OMG! When I read this post I realised that I had an unpublished Versatile Blogger post sitting in my drafts from a hundred years ago that I’ve TOTALLY forgotten about! I am spectacularly useless. Gah! So I’m dropping more balls than I thought! I blame it on the fact that a one-off freelance job a few months ago has turned into a truly awesome but monumentally time-consuming full-time gig – largely from home, thank gawd. But because I’m mental, I’m also doing FatMumSlim’s Clever Cookie Blog School in an effort to kick my blogging arse back into gear. So here’s the thing, that unpublished post will become one of my “assessment” posts. Hurrah!

    Right, onto your post. I *knew* we were soul sisters. Apart from the avocado thing, because blergh. But OMG “apps, stationery, diaries”. Yes. And the fact that I love Iggy Azalea is the only thing that preserves any sort of coolness in me, according to my kids.

    I’ve been thinking about you so much recently. I hope you are all doing ok after your such a sad loss. xxx

    • Kat Caravella – Mamma’s Vida

      Yes! I’ve been waiting for your versatile blogger post Nic…
      I’m so happy about your freelance job that turned awesome! How good is that! And you should totally get back into blogging – I love your style.
      We are TOTALLY soul sisters – and your comment just made me realise I left reality tv off the list which is now me dropping ALL THE BALLS!
      And thank you so much for your thoughts. We are ok. Sad, but getting there xxx

  • Pinky Poinker

    Love your twist on the theme! Avocado is the best… with anything. Cocktails YES! and of course coffee. Iggy Azalea… not sure. I love the thought of being organised (often to be seen wandering vaguely through Officeworks) and anything Shabby Chic is up my alley! I must go and check out your teaching blogging buddy! Great post Kat and thanks for playing along x

    • Kat Caravella – Mamma’s Vida

      HAD to twist Pinky and HAD to play for you, Pinky!
      You should totally check out Iggy BTW and you will LOVE my teaching blogging buddy, she is great. Thanks for inviting me to play xx

  • Lee-Anne Walker

    Love your “mmmm” variation for the Lovely Blog Award. Agree about coffee, cocktails and avocado, but sadly Iggy Azalea is daughter Poppet’s type of rapper, not mine because #old and alas, those gorgeous rustic white floorboards wouldn’t be gorgeous for long in my place because #laxhousewife (which is why we have brown ones). Adore stationery – any kind!

    Great post, Kat. :)

    • Kat Caravella – Mamma’s Vida

      Iggy one was a random one for me too! But she brought out my inner, teenage homie :)
      Thanks for reading xx

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