To settle


You know, the word settle is underrated.

To settle for less; settle down; settle Gretel – I mean, settling just sounds so boring. Why settle when you can have an exciting life travelling the world for football?

And exciting it is. Until it isn’t. And settling becomes a whole lot more attractive.

I love the world of football. I’ve watched my husband play for many years and we have lived such great – if unsettled – lives because of it. We’ve met so many amazing people and visited some magnificent cities and made some incredible memories while on this fabulous ride.

It’s been excellent. Truly excellent.

But there’s an element of feeling unsettled that doesn’t allow you to live a normal life – one that after a while, you start to crave, particularly when little people are involved.

We’ve come back to Cairns after three years in Newcastle and this is home for us. And while we haven’t settled yet, with every “No” my husband utters when it comes to a new football adventure (as recent as yesterday) I’ve realised we might be well on the way to truly, actually settling.

Because as I’ve noticed these last few months, until we do, the words I love to write don’t come as freely. The food I love to cook requires the inspiration I’m missing. The life I love to live just feels, well, different.


Sometimes I wonder why he continues to say “No” because football, well, I guess it was his first true love. It must be a hard thing to say “No” to for him. I guess it even is for me to hear it.

But when I think about it, really truly think about it, I know why he does.

He, too, wants to settle. In one place that is. To build a life. To build a future.

Settling: Totally underrated.

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