Where is my Genie where I need him?


Often I wish I could find a little antique lamp.

One reason is because I think they look cool but the best, most important reason of all is because I would just love love love a Genie to smoke out and just say those magic words “Your wish is my command”

Oh what I would give for 3 lovely wishes.

And so I was thinking today about what I would ask for if said Genie miraculously came to Moi and this is what I came up with.

* Note: I am currently packing boxes for an impending move which is probably why I got to thinking about Genie to begin with.

1. Move my house for me

So ideally I don’t want to see a box ever again so if the darling can just blink and have everything from furniture to decor relocated that would be just swell. This includes disassembly and assembly.

But of course, moving house does not just involve the physical aspects of the job. I would like Genie to redirect my mail, connect and disconnect my utilities and change my addresses, including the mail I still receive from 3 addresses ago.

Look in a nutshell I just want to walk in and live in the damn house.


2. Wash and Change my sheets every day

Is there anything more luxurious than having beautiful clean sheets every day? Need I say more?

3. Rather than a never ending pack of Tim Tams (which are overrated anyway) I’ll have an endless ironing service.

Of all the household chores in the world, I hate ironing the most. I despise it with a passion. My basket is so full at this moment I have shoved it in the spare room with the door closed because, you know, out of sight out of mind.

And so they are my wishes. Just the thought of retiring from packing at this moment brings me great moments of joy only to regretfully realise I must carry on.

And so..

I sign off from my moment of madness and bid you farewell. Those boxes are calling my name (arseholes)

What are your three wishes?

** Note no. 2: These wishes do not include wishes for health, happiness or the like. They are simply things the Genie can physically do for me. Otherwise health and happiness wins all the way, every time.

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